It Was Worth It

by Jacob B., Age 15 , Grade 10, Amery High School, Amery, WISCONSON USA
Teacher: Mrs.Ruelow

It Worth It


Sometimes one has unexpected events in their life they must deal with, whether they like it or not. At the age of fifteen one would not expect to have to get surgery on their gall bladder. Over the course of a couple of months I had been experiencing weird phenomena regarding my health. Every once in a while I’d throw up in the morning and I didn’t know why; sometimes I had weird side aches for no good reason, I had to investigate.

It started on a cold December Morning, one that makes the skin tingle when you go outside. I woke up not feeling so well, and this was odd because haven’t done anything to get myself sick. The liquid in my stomach were churning like a meat grinder in a factory. I felt like I was about to blow. I ran to the bathroom knowing what was about to happen. I let lose all the liquid that was bubbling around in my stomach.

After this my mother and I thought that this was weird. We needed to know why this happened. We had proceeded to call the doctor about this and told them that we thought this was irregular. We had told them about the throwing up and the side aches, and they also thought this was strange. They had given us a date to go in and we had waited for it eagerly.

When the day came we had driven to the doctors, the roads were full of snow and slippery like an ice arena. When we had arrived and checked in, we were in the waiting room full of suspense sitting idle for the nurse to call us in. Finally, when the nurse called my name we rushed to our feet. We followed the nurse to the room that was assigned to us and sat down once again.

The doctor comes in eventually and sits down and greets me. He starts to ask me simple questions about the strange happenings with my health. I tell him that I was experiencing random events of nausea and vomiting. I also told him that I was feeling mild stomach cramping at the same time. He said that there wasn’t much that he could do for me besides recommend nausea medication.

Disappointed in the results that we had received from the doctor we made our way back home. I had made sure that I watched this as it still was strange and I felt that it needed to be monitored. I’m person who has had pass medical complications I knew that something as simple as this could turn into something complex later. I always prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Over the next couple months this kept happening. Despite this I had decided to join wrestling. During one of the regular practices I had received an injury that involved someone landing atop me and injuring the right side of my chest. At first there was only a mild pain, but after a few more hours it was apparent that something had happened to my chest. I had started to feel much pain in my chest and we made another trip to the hospital to investigate.

When we got to the hospital, it was another round of waiting for the nurse to pull us into a room like a parent would pull their kids into a room to scold them. Once the nurse came out to greet us we got up and followed her to the room. I sat down and let the nurse do her usual blood pressure and temperature check. Once the nurse was done, she went to go fetch the doctor. The doctor had arrived and I knew it was time for the questions to come rolling in.

The doctor who came was prepared with all the questions he needed. After all the questions he decided it would be best to get an MRI to scan my chest. I proceeded to go to the room that had the x-ray machine. Once I was done with that, we got the results back. I had a cracked rib and something much more unexpected. I had gall stones which were common with older women.

Upon discovering that I had gall stones they decided that it’d be best for me to watch how I felt for the next few weeks and watch for anymore symptoms and complications. If there was any more complications than I would have to come back and get it removed. This is not something that I wanted to do but would be something that I most likely could not avoid.

Over the next few weeks I still had these same complications. We went to the hospital to talk to the surgeon about what was best thing to do with what has happened. The surgeon told me that I was definitely getting my gall bladder removed. We discussed the time available for surgery and we could do it the next day or in a week. We had agreed that we would do it in a week. Once the appointment was over I went back home and prepared for the next week.

There was much anxiety for me leading up to my surgery. I’m the person to overthink things and then I get overly nervous. I knew this was something I had to do so I had to get rid of my anxiety and just do it. When the time came around for surgery we went to the hospital and I had to get prepped for surgery. They made me take off my clothes to put a special gown on. Then they had to put a needle in the back of my hand so they could put medicine in me.

While I was waiting they had told us that there is an emergency case that they had to care for, which could take an extra couple hours. That meant I had to wait even longer for my surgery. Already tired of waiting I decided that id fall asleep. When I woke up it was time for me to go into the room full of doctors to get my gall bladder removed. I watched as they prepared and saw them get all their tools and devices ready to operate on me.

At first, they had put some medicine in me that made me drowsy. Then before I knew it I was asleep and they were working on removing my gall bladder. The operation took about an hour and after that I woke up in another room. I noticed pain in my stomach, then I looked and there was four Band-Aids on my stomach. After a while of me sitting in the room for a time they allowed me to go home and rest. I would be missing a week of school to recover.

The next few days I was in much pain. I would compare the pain to being shot in the stomach. I was on two pain medication for it. But after a while it would ware off and id be in pain again. Eventually throughout recovery the pain started to go away and I began to feel normal once again. Many people said that they didn’t experience a lot of pain from this kind of surgery but I definitely did.

One will have unexpected things that come up in their life. Sometimes it will be hard for them and sometimes it won’t but you must deal with it. My surgery was not anticipated but afterwards it was worth it. The complications that I had been experiencing before should no longer be an issue for me and now I can once again live a healthy Life style.   

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