Mischievous Kids

by Gil F., Age 16 , Grade 10, Amery High School, Amery, WISCONSIN USA
Teacher: Mrs. Ruehlow

Mischievous Kids



Two children that come from a different set of parents live the exact same life and are pressured too much to the point of rebellion. Each want to be more mischievous than the last time. Ronny and Anthony want to avenge all the other students that had been sent to detention for no reason and they think that by doing a stunt, their school will praise them. It is now a very hot and dry day in the middle summer, it is cloudless, sun is beaming down on Alabama. These pranksters now are after an elder man named Gerald or Old Man Gee as the kids call him.

“What do you think you’re doin’ boy!?” yelled Old Man Gee. “Run dude!” I screamed.

“Hey that was close…I never (panting) never want to do that again.” Spit out Anthony.

“Yeah good thinkin’, I was too chicken to run his yard and ring the doorbell like a thousand times like you.” Said Ronny.  The two boys went down to the river and started swimming and trying to figure out who else they could prank. They figure it out just what else they will do. Only this time it’ll take more than a couple minutes to plot. “Hey, umm… when are we doing this because my mom is taking me to Cynthia’s tomorrow morning.” “Anthony…you’re not going soft on me are you?” “What!? No, just leave me alone, let’s just go back to my house and talk about our next prank.” After them going to Anthony’s house they have decided to go after Principal Harris. It won’t be easy because they know if they get caught they will 1. Get reported to the cops 2. Have the most miserable school year once summer vacation is over. I don’t know how they will pull off this masterpiece.

            “So I was thinking, some more ding dong ditch” suggested Ronny. “No, that’s getting too old. Plus I’m never doing that again.’ “Well, I was also thinking of maybe trying to TP his house.” “Ronny…this one has to be special, I want this one to be original. Think about all the kids that hate him and got in trouble for no reasons. The amount of trees wasted on him just writing up students is insane. Do you want any more kids to sit in that plain white musky room doing nothing but staring at that half broken clock for three hours? No, this is isn’t just for us, it’s for the school.” “You know what… you’re right. Harris deserves it. ““I think the perfect time to do this is exactly 3:47, that’s when he gets back home from his errands and we need to act quick and execute.” Said Ronny. Now that the plan has been rolling they set out to Principal Harris’ large green bush in front of his bright colorful garden. It is 3:43 and Ronny is starting to sweat from being nervous. “Anthony, I don’t know about this, I have a bad feeling. We’re going to get caught I know it, I just know it!” “Chill dude, we’re not going to get caught, we’re doing this and we’ll be the biggest legends of school.” “Anthony…look, its Harris, he’s back.”

They each grab their Silly String and run up and spray Harris in the face, but Harris grabs a hold of both of their sweatshirts and they end up getting caught. Ronny throws a tantrum and now hates Anthony because they both got caught and ended up in the juvenile detention center because both parents thought that it’d be best for them to learn their lesson . Four months have gone by and their both let out at the same time and there’s hesitation between the two and each wait for the other to say something first. “Hey, I’ve been thinking , we’re kind of like brothers, or at least used to be, and we should just get over this and just stop pranking and enjoy life.” Said Anthony. “Yeah…I’d like that too…”

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