The Adventure of Scoobert

by Austin D., Age 15 , Grade 10, Amery High School, Clear Lake, WI USA
Teacher: Mrs. Ruelow


Austin Deleon

English 10


The Adventures of Scoobert!

Once upon a time there were two humans named Fred Jones and Daphne Blake. They were young and did a lot of not so smart things. They used to steal a number of food and supplies that they needed to live, before Daphne found out she was pregnant. They thought to support the child she would need to stop stealing so the child could be safe. The Child was then born in a cave on a ‌ high mountain. The child name was Scoobert. Scoobert was a strange child, always love to explore and move around. Could never sit still.

                Scoobert grew to about seventeen when he came across a small hut in the woods. He wasn’t sure if he should go inside or not, so he slowly approached it. He then saw a sign, “If you enter this hut, your fate will be chosen!” He wondered “This is just a sign, what harm can it do to me.” Now he thought that it was all a lie so he entered the hut.

                Scoobert entered and he saw an old lady. He went up to her and asked her what this place is.

                She said “Hello child, I am Willow! You saw the sign, and, yet you still entered. This is all a part of your destiny. I am here to tell you that you will turn into a horrible beast! And You will forever be in pain, will never be normal ever again!”

Scoobert asked “Please Willow, tell me why must you turn me into a horrible beast, and how will you do this to me. What have I done to deserve this?!”

“I am not turning you into anything. You haven’t done anything to deserve this, yet. This hut is doing this to you because you entered it. It’s not what you have done to deserve this; it’s what you will do that you will end in this fate.” Said Willow.

                In shock, Scoobert said “I don’t believe you! I’m leaving!” (As he slammed the door shut and began to run)

Scoobert came running back to his family and as he entered the cave he realized they were gone. He wasn’t sure what happened so he ran back to the hut to ask Willow if she had anything to do with it.

He showed up at the hut and ran inside. He saw Willow and asked her what had happened to his parents.

                She answered “I abducted them.”

Scoobert in surprise said “Why did you do that, I can’t believe you’ve done this!”

Willow answered “Because by doing this, it will lead you to your horrible crime, in order to get them back.”

Scoobert answered, “And what is my horrible crime!”

Willow answered, “Do you want them back, and do you love your family?”

“Yes” replied Scoobert. “Just tell me what I must do to get them back”

Willow said four words, “You… Must… Kill...Me”

                Not knowing what to say next, Scoobert answered “Why must I do that, isn’t there a way around this?”

Willow answered “I’m sorry, but there is not. If you don’t get rid of me then I must dispose of you and your entire family.”

Scoobert did what he had to do. He disposed of Willow and out of nowhere his parents fell from the ceiling and also a ‌ old man came bursting through the door.

                 The old mad said “You there. Are you Scoobert?” As he pointed at him.

                Scoobert answered “I am, and you are.”

Old man said “I am Zeus, I am also your curse.” And just like that a bright light appeared surrounding all of Scooberts body, and then the horrible beast is alive.

The light was so blinding that Daphne and Fred had to pause for a moment until the light was gone. When it was gone they all looked at what was now Scoobert.

Daphne said “Is that, is that a dog? The horrible beast you turned him into, is a dog?!”

Zeus then said “Yes I did, and also his name is no longer Scoobert, but now Scooby Doo. You may ask why I choose this name. It is because we must hide his identity from everyone or he may be killed for killing Willow”

Scooby Doo said “This is what I deserve for killing Willow. I promise that from now on I will never do one bad thing ever again! Mom, Dad, we will all work together to fight the bad, and we will also work with my friends, Velma and Shaggy."

Fred answered “That’s an amazing idea! We will solve mysteries, and help the people of this world!”

Everyone agrees that there is no point in stealing from the world. It doesn’t accomplish anything and won’t help anything either. Now the Scooby Doo family are going to fight crime and protect the people of this world!

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