Beauty of the Input

by Gursharan, Age 14 , Grade 9

“Beauty of the Input”

Gursharan Singh Marwaha


It could be as small,

It could be as big,

It could also be as powerful.

But as it gets plugged, it emerges.


When something as analog as

a human could be translated

to something as digital as a digit.

It defines the beauty of the input.


When a finger finds its way

towards the glory of the click.

The input may be variable,

but it is solid as a rock.

The ones and zeros are

the output of glory,

the output that would never

be disintegrated by even god.


Brought into the mouth,

emerged into the heart,

stored into the brain.

The process of analog swaying into digital.


There are many routes,

Some better than others.

Regardless of the pathway,

It is the beauty of the input.


The flow from the human input,

could be swayed to the machine output.

Onto a display so big,


which all started from the beauty of the input.


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