Takeover of Technology

by Rasbir, Age 14 , Grade 9

Takeover of Technology

By Rasbir Marwaha (Copy 5/5)

The Future of Technology and AI.

It will be both Good and Bad.

Comprised of the knowledge of the world,

Just waiting like a fist to be uncurled.

Artificial intelligence will soon control,

The entire world as a whole.

It will do our dishes without conditions,

And sell us food without petitions.

Gone are teachers, doctors, and technicians,

Automation in their place and no more politicians.

The future will be what’s now fiction,

Existent will be robots with human-like diction.

The future looks bright,

Yet not all is good despite.

Alive is social media and the internet,

Which is some’s biggest threat.

For few, it controls their brain,

And leaves those with no gain.

Perhaps one day humans will be able to fly,

And not have to worry about having to die.

And by then we’ll be in the deeps of space,

Zooming past universes as if it’s a race.

And we’ll look back into the past.

And realize at last.

How Influential Technology and AI has been.


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