by Sophia B., Age 13 , Grade 7, Easton, MD USA
Teacher: Mrs.Stinson

Happiness is a sly thing

A mischievous imp, at that

It sings to you like royalty

As if you are the only one deserving

Then swoops away with the song


Lingering no more


Now, Sadness is a tricky thing

Much like its impish twin

But the mellifluous trills

Are replaced by jagged screeches

with sounds as sharp as knives

Pestering all day

Then leaving

Without a second thought


Like day and night

Ying and Yang

They swoop around

Causing joy and misery

Toying with emotions

Without a care


I’ve seen them do it before

The sly little things

They come and go as they please

With no worry nor concern

But I hope one day

Sometime very soon

We will get those little birds



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