Aboard the Mao

by Connor G., Age 12 , Grade 6, Salisbury Middle School, Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA USA
Teacher: Beth Prokesh

Aboard our ship the Mao we will treat you well

Above the deck there is a pool, for you to be cool

Through the day if you need help just ring the big old bell

And a server will be down with food to make you drool!


Aboard our ship the Mao, we will keep you healthy

Along with that, we can make you wealthy 

With our great lotto and other things too, 

You will be so happy, its true!


Within the ship the Mao

We have wondrous things

A zoo, some blue and a Choo Choo Train!

On the Choo Choo Train we serve drinks

That make a wonderful CLINK! 


Aboard our ship the Mao, you will be entertained

You will be happy when you hear our rules

We kick out any one who complains


Although the Mao is nice

There is something we have to tell you

You are healthy, wealthy and entertained…

Up until you have to pay… 

That’ll be $15,000 a day

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