Real-Life Superheroes

by Ella L., Age 11 , Grade 5, Tobey, Vicksburg, MI USA
Teacher: Glerum

Imagine living a life where only aryan people were respected. Hitler was the cause of this, for the Jews you don’t have to imagine it, you lived it . But luckily there were heros to try and save the Jewish race. Heroes such as Raoul Wallenberg. A swedish resident, who enjoyed drawing languages and travel. Not only did Raoul show courage throughout his works, but determination, too.  Raoul followed through with a lot of things in his life span, and helping save the Jewish race was just one of them.

In 1912 a hero was born, the goes by the name of Raoul Wallenberg. HIs family had a lot of wealth, and Raoul was expected to become a banker just like his dad. But instead of taking the banking route, Raoul went to school to become a diplomat.  The studied hard at school, it was there as well that he found his love for drawing and language. After receiving his diplomat status the tried banking. He soon realized banking wasn’t for him. Rapidly world war two broke out, and because of his buissness Raoul was sent to Natzi populated countries. Here he was able to see what it was like for the Jews under Natzi survallience-horible. Each and every day more and more Jews were being sent off to concentration camps, to be killed. When Raoul was sent to Hungary, the arrived and 40,000 Jews had already been deported. Not knowing that the was showing courage, Raoul made fake documents saying that whichever Jew was holding this paper is under protection by the Swedish government and should not be touched or taken, Raoul also set up safe houses to house people with his special passes. Wallenberg set up many buildings for these people, and before long these buildings housed tens of thousands of people. Although lots of Jews were saved, Wallenberg could not save all of them. In January of 1945, news reached Wallenberg; all Jews in Budapest were to be killed. Trying to save these Jews, Raoul quickly  launched a threat to the german commander of armies stating that if he killed the Jewish peoples, Wallenberg would have him hanged as a war criminal. Miracuously his threat worked, and the Jews were saved. Despite his success, Wallenberg started fearing that is life was in danger of ending, and began sleeping indifferent houses to avoid capture. In 1945, Raoul was seen by a Russian government official and sentenced to life in prison. He was never seen again. Raoul always knew this day would come, as stated in the book Real-Life Superheroes by Alison Hawes and said by Raoul “I could never return to stockholm knowing that I have failed to do everything in human power to save as many Jews as possible.- Raoul Wallenberg” He did do as much as he could to save the Jewish race; but in 1945 Raoul's work came to an end when he was arrested . For years and years his family wondered what happened to him after he was arrested. They never got a response. But in 1957, Russian government officials told Wallenberg’s family that he had died in prison in 1947. No one knows if this is true or what became of his fate.

Living from 1912 to unknown death date. Raoul was courageous in every way shape and form. Not only was he courageous but passionate and determined, courage was shown in every step he took to receive his achievements. Wallenberg was a very amazing person and an even more extravagant real-life superhero.

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