It's daily

by Jayden S., Age 11 , Grade 6, Wilson middle school, Plano , TX USA
Teacher: Melanie Spence

It's Daily By: Jayden Sanders In the morning on a school day. I start my routine by hearing and listening to my alarm from my phone, which is under my pillow to vibrate. When I hear the alarm my mom or dad turns on my light in my room. My parents motivate me to wake up and tells me when the food is ready. Then I make my bed and turn my alarm off. After that I go to do my highen things like brush my teeth, wash my face, do my hair, deodorant, clean ears, and wash neck. I go pick out my clothes, socks, and undershirts. Then go iron my clothes. Before I put my clothes on I put vaseline and lotion. When im done ironing them I put them on and by that time breakfast is done and ready on the table. Next after breakfast I wash all my family's dishes and sometimes I take out the trash if needed. Then I put all my homework in my backpack, put my glasses on, and go to the mud room. In the mud room I get my jacket for the day. Second I get my shoes that goes with my outfit i'm wearing. Third I go and make my lunch. Mostly It is made but I have to put everything in the lunch box. Fourth I take my vitamin just incase I am tired, it will provide energy. Finally I tell my parents goodbye and I head off to the bus stop.

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