garden object

by adriel c., Age 12 , Grade 6, Wilson middle school, Plano, TX USA
Teacher: Melanie Spence

Garden object By Adriel Cabrera To make a garden snake you first grab materials which consist of one empty tube of bathroom paper, a white or black writing utensil (maker recommended), and one or two pieces of construction paper (depending on how long you want your snake), and some tape or glue or stapler and a ruler if you are a perfectionist. Start by unrolling the tube and then folding it in half (the lines will not match up but that is ok) and fold the tip back and staple it (and/or glue/tape) so it will not bend back again. Next, grab your writing utensil and draw a pair of, white or black, parallelogram shapes like pair of eyes and two vertical lines for a snake-like nose. Second, grab one of the two pieces of paper (if you are using two) and cut a block Y like shape with two sharp ends for a forked snake tongue. Then grab the same piece of paper you used for the tongue and use it for tail if there is still room. Cut out two wide stripes for part of the tail and staple (or glue/tape) one on to the head and the other to the one you stapled to the head. Finally cut out a pointed end for it to look more like a tail and now you color and add patterns and bump patterns for scales and more for a more realist kind of look of a snake.

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