banned homework

by casandra a., Age 11 , Grade 6, wilson middle school, plano, TEXAS USA
Teacher: ms.spence

Banned Homework

BY:Casandra Alcantar Anay

Homework should be banned because we do a lot of work during school we need freetime when  we get home , and because we have things to do in the afternoon .

As soon as we get home kids want to get home and they want to go play or do something fun. But their parents always tell them to go do their homework and the kids grouch or act weird. Kids always wish to have no homework.KIds tell their parents sometimes they say they don’t have homework and they go to school and the teacher ask for their homework they will say my dog ate it or i did not do It .Later their going to call their  parents and parents get a feeling  that their  kids are going to get grounded.

Homework should be banned because no kid wants to do It.First thing the kid wants to go play.  Homework maybe be very frustrated to kids because they just get homework work and some don’t have homework. The will always go to school without homework with out their homework done and the teachers may get mad at them or just give them detention  after school or in a fun time that they have .sometimes when they dont bring it for 2 days the teacher will give a bad note to parents.

Mean while kids in  older school such as middle school and high school don’t have a lot of homework because they already do their homework at school but If they don’t finish It then that will be their home work for the day but they don’t really care if they have homework or not.


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