What I did last Weekend

by Ben, Age 12 , Grade 6, Wilson Middle School, Plano, TEXAS USA

What I Did Last Weekend Ben Jacob Dear Diary, Last weekend me and my friends had a pool tournament. The first thing I did was walk to the Recenter. I especially didn't know where the game room was. So I checked one hallway and decided to stay in the Lobby so I didn't get lost. Because you know I've only gotten lost once but it was in Disney World so that was pretty bad.I texted and called because I didn't know my way but nobody picked up or responded. Finally, I thought it wouldn't hurt to check one small hallway and said to myself I would go straight back if it got too confusing. Then I found them right at the end of the hallway. As soon as I found them I immediately started playing pool. I have never played pool in my life so I was a little unsure about it. First I played Tim, I was really nervous at the beginning but I ended up winning. I wasn't that surprised that it was just both of us doing really bad and I just won barely because Tim had never played before either. Then everybody else played now that the first round was over I was supposed to play Jack. Meanwhile, I played ping pong as I waited for my turn. Somehow Tim ended up playing Jack instead of me. I was pretty mad because there was only one table and I didn't get to play that much at all because people kept deciding to play even though it wasn't their turn. Which was really annoying by the way because it was mostly Will who thinks he's the best at everything. I guess it was a good thing it was just for fun. Because following when only four of us were still here we got on teams of two and played double or nothing. Me and my friend played together on a team and kept doing really bad so we sat down and said theater kids can't play pool. Then they scratched on the nine and we won.

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