School Routine

by Micah A., Age 12 , Grade 6, Wilson Middle School, Richardson, TEXAS USA
Teacher: Melanie Spence

First of all once I am ready for school, at 7:12 I walk down the street to the bus stop. Once the bus gets to the school I go to (Wilson Middle School) I go the band hall to drop off my drumsticks, mallets, drum pad, and band binder. Next I race into the cafeteria to attempt to make it to makerspace, if I get to makerspace then I go and sit in the comfy, black, armchair they have and read. If I don’t make it to makerspace then I sit in the hallway outside the cafeteria and read whatever book I happen to have that day.

A little bit later when the starting bell rings I go to my first period class: PACE, which is taught by Mrs. Harden, we watch the daily flocab. Then we do our work sheet for the day. After that I go to second period, band, taught by Mr. Wallace, where we do our rhythm rockers, and practice William Tell Overture By: Giachinno Rossini. The next class that I go to is 3rd period, science taught by Mrs. Gallagher. Where we do our warm up then we start our breathing and stretching exercises. After that we do our brain break and I always finish early so I always read.

Proceeding 3rd period we have lunch genius hour. At lunch we eat sad, little, globs of food that they serve to us at the school lunch line. In genius hour we get to do whatever we want to do. Next I go to reading taught by Mrs. Spence, which is 2 periods long, where we do silent reading, warm up, text structure a day, and writing workshop. Consequently we go to advisory, and then my least favorite class of the day, P.E. And then ironically after that is my favorite subject of the day: math with Mrs. Perry. After that I get on the bus and go home til’ the next day.

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