Garden Project

by Akshit S., Age 11 , Grade 6, Wilson Middle School, Plano, TEXAS USA
Teacher: Ms. Spence

Let me tell you how to make cool things out of paper like a paper bee and a paper tulip. Make sure you get everything before you start to make your paper object! Things you need: 2 pieces of yellow paper, 1 sheet of black paper, black marker, pencil or pen. So let's get started. First, fold the paper in half (hamburger style). Then draw a large wing and a small wing on the folded paper. Now cut them and you should have 2 pairs of wings one large and one small (make sure they are connected). You already have the wings so let's make the body. Now for the body. Take another piece of yellow paper and draw a body (make sure the paper is folded in half). Next cut it out. Now you should have 2 pairs of wings and a body of the butterfly. Time for the antenne. Take a black piece of paper and draw the antenne for the bee and cut it out. Then glue the antenne to the body. Second glue the wings to the body. Now you have your bee let's make the tulip. Things you need: 2 sheets of paper, ruler, and glue. First measure your both paper, you need 1 paper that is 15/15 cm and one that is 12/12 cm. Next, take your 12/12 cm paper because we are starting with the flower first. Fold it to make a triangle then fold the other side to make a triangle. Fold the sides upward but slanted, now you have your flower too. Now you have your own paper bee and a paper flower or tulip. I hope you had a great time making these two things. Have a great day!

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