by Mya A. , Grade 7

We were in the car when it happened. Emma, singing loudly, not expecting anything. I was watching the side of the road not expecting anything. Breena, texting someone not expecting anything. She changed lanes not expecting there to be a truck coming up fast, not expecting that the truck wouldn’t see her. No one was expecting a crash on 131 between a small car and a semi. No one expected it but it happened, it did.  The blue semi, huge and imitating, ran us over. Screech! Metal rubbed against metal. Emma and I are buckled in, holding hands waiting for the car to stop.

We got half run over, trapped under a semi for three miles until the truck stopped. We were in bad shape. The back of the small juke, gone only a gaping hole left. Even though the car took the worse damage, Emma and I weren't in the best condition. My ankles and legs were bruised for the seat pushing me, I couldn’t feel my head. The world is spinning like the simulators at the air zoo when you move the joysticks to fast. Nothing made sense.  Legs buckled, next to me as Emma took a nap.  A nap sounds good, I though. Then the ground gave me a hug as I fell towards it.

I woke up next to Emma in Oz. The trees are lined in silver and gold. Grass was pink instead of green.  The water reflected the purple sky. In other words it was a combo of Oz and Wonderland, not just Oz. We landed in a big field. But we weren’t the only ones there. Little fairies, mini doll figures, played around us. Playing soccer we saw what looked to be Colleen, Shyla, Kendall, and Seth. Emma gave me the do-you-see-that-too look so I know we saw the same thing.        

“Do you think we landed in Oz or Wonderland?” I asked.

“Neither you landed in Ozerland a combo for the two” responds a small voice that definitely didn’t come from Emma. I looked at Emma, she pointed towards my shoulders. There was a tiny Sarah and Jaidin on each shoulder. They were dressed in the angel and devil costumes in t.v. shows. “Don’t be surprised,” said Sarah in her smooth sounding speech. “Weird thing always happen in magical places.”

Emma growing tired of this girls riddle shouted, “All we have to do is go home.”   

“To get home all you have to do is defeat the evil wizard Chase and his side kick Max then you could leave,” said Emily who appeared on Emma’s shoulders with Audrey still in the same costumes. “Call us when you are ready to go home.” Poof, they were gone.

“I’m not surprised that Chase is an evil wizard,” sighed Emma

“All of this and that is what you think about? Let’s go at least see if we can find him,” I say.

With that we found two trails that led out of the clearing, played rock-paper-scissors to see what trail to go on, and ran down the steep hill on the one we did choose. The trail was a monster, snaking its way into your mind, you waiting for it to make a move fatal to you. We walked for days until I tripped, Emma jumped. Then before us appeared a giant cave. At the mouth appeared a troll. It looked almost like Gio but with more trollish features. I guess it was supposed to be scary but it wasn’t, partily due to the fact that it was sleeping, Not waking him we slipped past

The inside of the cave was beautiful. The dark gray walls were lined with pictures. The pictures were mostly of Chase and Max traveling. I mean really there's something called a photo album. The cave rounded around to make the space about as big as the old band room in Mattawan. It contained two beds and a table nothing else. I can see a big waste of space, I thought. Chase and Max were standing in the center.

They looked the same except for Chase had a big purple robe on and a wizard hat. Max wore jeans and a T-shirt, they both looked ridiculous. I can’t judge because my blond hair was a mess and I was all dirty.

“Well, well, well look who’s here,” Chase snarled. “You have come to return home I see. You will never succeed. I am a Chase Kelley, a trained wizard and I have my apprentice Max. He killed his sister Hannah for this spot, even though she didn’t want it. 

“Why are you in a cave?” I blurted out.

“I am allergic to everything that is a plant, that is why we are going to make a spell to kill all the trees and plants in Ozerland,” said Chase.

“Plus we can get a bigger cave,” piped Max.

Then Emma leaned on a wall and pressed a button. Then we were outside in the rain. Chase melted and Max screamed no. Then Hannah and Charlotte appeared and killed him for their revenge. Now only us and troll Gio who is still sleeping.

“Are you ready to go home,” said Jaidin, who was now sitting on my shoulder.

“Yes,” both Emma and I said.

I woke up at the hospital with my friend Mya standing over me. I was not expecting that. “Welcome home Klaire. I’m glad you didn’t let wizard Chase kick your bucket,” is all she said.

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