How to Make a Flower Pot

by Micah A., Age 12 , Grade 6, Wlison Middle School, Richardson, TEXAS USA
Teacher: Melanie Spence

1. Find get your materials: First, go and find a pot, pan, or even a bowl for a base to hold your stuff, then go outside and get sand pebbles or dirt to hold up your flowers, next find construction paper & to make the flowers, leaves, and stems. If you don't have any, there should be some at a nearby dollar store. After that all you need is scissors, glue, and tape. 2. Making the base: Take your pot, pan, ect., and pour the sand, pebbles, etc., into it. Flatten out the sand, pebbles, etc., and make custom landscape if you want to. Fold your pipe cleaners in half and use them to poke 3 deep holes in the sand, pebbles, etc. 3. Making the stems: Take your folded pipe cleaners and twist the bottom of them until they are straight, and pointy. Stick them into the holes you previously made and you are done with your stems. 4. Making the flowers: First take a choice color of construction paper, and cut out a shape like a curved star or how ever you want it to be. Make a circle out of construction paper (a different color than the petals)(about ½ of the size of the petals) and glue it right in the middle of the petals. Take a piece of tape and roll it around it self to make a little tape "roll", put it on the back the flower in the middle. Slip the flower onto the pipe using the tape and repeat 3 times. 5. Making the leaves: cut out a leaf shaped hole in the construction paper, and repeat 12 times, 4 for each flower, and then using a small piece of tape, tape them on the stems of the flowers. And you are finished!

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