growing up

by angel a., Age 11 , Grade 6, Wilson middle shcool, plano, TEXAS USA
Teacher: Melanie Spence

ating too much is unhealthy

By: angel andrade pena

           To day we will learn that junk food  leads to calories. It can make you fat so exercise.

The cause is if you eat too much unhealthy food... . so the best thing to do is eat healthy food stay skinny. On the other hand if you eat healthy you may never get fat  … and the effect is getting more calories than expected so exercise. How is it possible to get a lot of calories. Calories therefore leads to fat. Most importantly eat healthy. It helps more than exercise.

Next I learned that if you eat healthy you don't get calories or fat. Then you need exercise. So please when the lunch ladies ask you to get fruit please get fruit so stay healthy.

I also learned that if you don't get exercise when you eat unhealthy food because if you dont you will probably never get skinny. And because of unhealthy food people are getting diabidise. Problems caused in the body  so don't eat too much junk food unleash you want diabetes.

Know I am about to talk about junk food. Junk food can lead to lots of daisies like asthma heart problems your lung can really make it hurt plus it can be hard to breath it can even lead to heart disease so your gonna need a proper diet.  A proper diet for someone who is unhealthy needs the proper diet a healthy diet recruiters the healthy plate the one that says the things that matter to your body like apples oranges those are examples of fruit  lettuce and carrot are examples of vegetables fun fact tomatoes is actually a fruit.

If you research in the internet put in is a tomato a fruit? And it will say a tomato is definitely a fruit. Because I grew up in mexico in a ranch so I have experienced lots of plant life. Yet Plant are homes to lots of animals so we can’t kill plants. As well if we kill plant there would be more pollution than oxygen.

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