Garden Object

by Vanessa M. , Grade 6, Wilson Middle School, Plano, TEXAS USA
Teacher: Mrs.Spence

Garden Object By: Vanessa Martinez First gather all the materials that you are going to be using.The materials that you are going to e needing are paper that is medium sized squares,you are also going to be needing some glue,scissors,and a pencil. Second once you have your materials ready you get a piece of paper fold it into a triangle make sure you fold the paper nice enough.once you are done folding the the paper fold it two more times again.You will repeat this process four times to make one flower. Next you need to get the pencil and trace on the paper the flower shape that you want your flower to be.When you are done you need to cut a little piece at the bottom of the paper.Once you are done cutting the piece of paper of the flower shape you picked you are going to this 3 more times. Meanwhile you are done open all the petals of the flowers we made with the paper.When you are done opening all the petals you are going to cut one petal out of the first paper, two out of the second,three out of the third,four of the four which is the half of the petal.It leaves you with some extras do not throw them away because we are going to be using them later for our flower. Finally you are going to be gluing in all the flower petals.You are going to put the glue in the first petal then you are putting glue in the third one two and you keep on repeating this process over until you have any of the papers left. If you want the stem of your flower you need a piece of green paper and roll it put glue where you rolled it so it can stick.Once that it is dried you are going to put the flower and make sure to put a lot of glue and leave it there drying.Leave the flower drying there for one day and it will be ready.

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