where am I

by Jahairy V., Age 15 , Grade 10

“I have to wear something nice for Michaels party” Mia thought to herself. “ How am I supposed to get there though.. I’ll call Michelle she does everything I tell her to do anyways.”

 Michelle heard her phone ring from across the room so she got up and dragged herself to go answer it. Before Michelle could even say something she hears Mia say,

“Yeah hi I need a ride to Michaels party and  you’re going to take me, be here at 7 you can come too I guess.”

Before Michelle could even respond Mia hung up.

“Today’s the day I’m giving her a taste of her own medicine , I’m fed up.” Michelle said to herself.

   Around 6:40 Michelle got in her car and made her way to Mia’s so she wouldn’t have to hear complaining on their way to Michaels that they’re late.

“ I’m sleeping over Michelle's house mom.” said Mia before closing the door to her house.

The door slammed and Mia made her way down to Michelles car. When Michelle saw Mia coming all she could do is wonder why she was still friends with her.  As she got in she forced a smile and put her seatbelt on.

“ So once we get there I’m going to be dancing and enjoying myself, just be ready to go when I’m ready to leave okay?” Mia said as she moved the rear mirror to look at herself.

“ First things first, I’m not your uber we’ll leave when I’M ready to leave.” MIchelle replied as she moved the rear mirror back to how it was.

 They made it to the party around 7:12, as soon as Michelle found a place to park her car Mia got off and ran inside leaving Michelle behind. The party had already started, the later it got the more people began to arrive. Mia was having the time of her life meanwhile Michelle was nowhere to be found.

“ I think I should go home this party is starting to get really boring.” Mia said to Michael.

“ Uh yeah okay, thanks for coming I guess?” Michael said.

Mia couldn’t find Michelle anywhere inside the house so she decided to go check outside if she was there.

“ Michelle , where are you I wanna go home!” Mia yelled in a annoyed tone.

It was dark and Mia was beginning to get nervous, she went down to Michelles car to see if she was in there waiting for her already. She knocked on the window of the car , then in the reflection of the window she noticed a figure standing behind her. She slowly turned around but before she could yell for help she was hit and collapsed on the floor.

          It was around 4 in the morning when Mia woke up.

“ Where am I?” said Mia while panicking looking around the room. It was dark, she was shaking because of how cold she was. She got up from the floor and walked but looked down when she heard the sound of chain dragging against the floor. There is a chain on her foot, it’s not super tight though. Mia was filled with anxiety but before she panicked, again she noticed a door in the far corner of the room. She walked to the door looking through the small window on the center of the door. She was hitting the door with the palm of her hand and yelling for help. Suddenly somebody in a mask stood in front of the window , startling her , the person in the mask told her to be quiet.

 Mia backed up and started to cry, she continued to look for a way out. She was finally able to get her foot out of the chain and waited for the right moment to escape. She got back up and looked through the window and saw Michelle, she thought michelle was also captured but she soon realized she was wrong.

 “ I finally got her where I want her , she’s going to get what she deserves.” Michelle said.

Michelle is the one who brought her there to torture her. She knew Mia was going to go looking for her and so she took the opportunity. Michelle turned and saw Mia staring at her so she made her way inside the room Mia was in.

“ Oh Michelle! We need to find a way out of here, How’d you get in here, where are we ?” Mia said as tears went down her cheeks.

“ Oh Mia ! You’re so funny, I’m fed up with the way you treat me” said Michelle , “ You’re so selfish you’re gonna get what you deserve.”

 Mia started to cry even more, she backed up reaching for the metal bucket by her and threw it at Michelle and attempted to escape. As she ran she found Michelles phone and dialed 911

“ 911 what’s your emergency ?”

But before Mia could say anything she dropped the phone because she saw Michelle coming towards her with a bat.

“ Hello? What’s your emergency?” said the lady on the other line of the phone

Michelle picked up the phone and hung up, and went looking for Mia.

The ambulance began to worry something was going on so they tracked the number and found their location.

  “Come on Mia just accept your fate , you’re gonna get what you deserve.” said Michelle waving the bat around.

  Mia hid inside a locker covering her mouth so michelle wouldn’t find her. She closed her eyes and prayed that if she makes it out alive she will change the way she is towards everyone. Suddenly Michelle opened the locker and grinned because she found Mia. Before she could do anything she was shot in the leg by a police officer. She was then handcuffed and put in the car yelling


   “ No michelle you’re getting what you deserve” Mia said as she saw the police car drive away.

The ambulance took her to the hospital to see if everything was fine. Mia realized she needs to change the way she is to people.

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