Maybe it was me

by Jahairy V., Age 15 , Grade 10

I didn’t know what I was doing, but at the same time I did. He deserved it didn’t he?

I remember there being cops at my door the next morning, I had everything I was going to say planned out, am I a psychopath? Maybe, but don’t worry too much about it.

“yes hello good morning ma’am may we come in to ask a couple questions?”

At first I wanted to refuse but they’d get suspicious so me being the smart person I am, I simply nodded. I led the two police officers to the living room, they were looking around my house whispering back and forth to each other as if I wasn’t in the room.


“ We’ve talked to some of Penny’s co-workers and they all said you were the last person to see her?”

Before I responded I made a face to show I was “ confused”.

“ I honestly haven’t seen or heard of that penny in ages, how is she? I'm assuming she’s missing or something?” I said back to the officers.

I remember the look they gave me, they weren’t convinced enough so they told me they would like to look around my house some more. I allowed them to because I was always one step ahead.

“I’m assuming I’m a suspect, is there a reason why ?” I said following them as they were wandering around my house.

“ Uhh.. Yeah, like we said we were told you were the last person to see her.” the officers said back to me.

I didn’t expect it to last this long but it did. I’m still a suspect. I hoped they wouldn’t find out I’m the one who killed her. The following day they told me there was no blood which meant no evidence it was me. If there would have been blood, I would’ve been charged for murder.

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