The Last Stand At Alpha-96

by Kaleb M. , Grade 7

Zzzzzzzt! Fa-toom! Blazzt! Bang, bang, bang, bang! I duck under the table. As my Onex Armor assembles on my body I load my gun. I know my N-33 pistol with long range multi burst bullets will not be able to take on 3 heavy armored death walkers and 6 light armored scouters. Unless the scouters get in range of my sky sword or I risk my life I will have a slim chance of winning. Slash! As the scouters take up defensive position with three scouters attacking me with short titanium swords.

I turn swinging a huge arc with my fire tipped dirk sending an arc of flames. The scouters that had attacked lay at my feet. I quickly put away my dirk and opened fire on the remaining scouters. They tried to draw their guns but the first went down with a bullet in his chest, the second with his hand scrabbling to get his gun holster off dropped with 3 bullets in his stomach and the third leveled his gun only to fall with a bullet in his head.

The death walkers ran in fear of being killed by me.

After that event I have been secretly defending one of the civilizations on earth. My name is Elcon. Me and my two friends Brayd and Cevon have been fighting the Black Armada. They come in many forms. Here, I will show you the data pad of them.

Black Armada,Data Pad 13,Access Granted

Subject: Army Of The Black Armada

Scouters: Teen Sized Aliens  Weapons: BB-43 pistols, Plasma pistols, B-23 penetration pistol.

Death Walkers: Gorilla Sized Aliens,Leathery Skin  Weapons:B-23 pistol, Long range plasma AK-49, R-49 Auto burst.

Shadow Shifter: Elite Aliens:  Weapons: RP-9 quickfire, N-21 blaster, QL-elite blaster.

Shadow Smasher: Giant Aliens:  Weapon:R-23 auto fire, A-45 Titanium reinforced shield, Plasma orb needler (Equipped with heat seeking technology)

Description: The Black Armada is a powerful alien army from an unknown region in the galaxy. Their origins are unknown and they are a mysterious race and their technology is more advanced than ours. Their race is more advanced than us is almost every way but have the weakness of greed,power and different religions that constantly make them turn on each other causing them to weaken themselves and make it easier for us to fight them. On rare occasions they will all team up and war will happen upon our nation.

That is all me and my team know about our enemy and their gear. For this is only part of the information that is known on them. We are lucky that Cevon is skilled in technology and was able to hack into this data pad. Without this data pad we would have not been able defeat some enemy forces. As we load up to go on another mission I pick up my specially modified N-23 pistol and add my ammo counter,scope,auto fire and retractable barrel expansion for this sniper assault mission.

As we shipped out with our gear we sight our enemies. Alpha-96’s wall guardians were fighting of the Black Armada’s small force of 12 scouters, 20 death walkers, 15 shadow shifters and 30 shadow smashers. I draw my modified N-23 pistol and extend the barrel,looking through the scope I targeted one of the scouters that seems to be trying to hit the defenders with his short titanium dagger. I pull the trigger with my experimental silencer. A very small thump emanates from the gun as the shot fires off and the scouter drops dead.

The only bad part about the silencer and the retractable barrel was that the silencer would have to be taken off for close range fighting, The only way to take of any of the gear off was to teleport it to somewhere on the planet if you got in close way to soon. So I quickly take of my additional attachments and put them in my pouch. I charge straight at them roaring a war cry that people define us by.” To Victory!” we yell. We draw our weapons, Brayd and Cevon fire of their guns as I go for a more direct approach with my sky sword.

I charge straight into the scouters sword drawn and ready to kill. The scouters charge me with their titanium swords drawn. I twist and avoid a titanium sword and in the same motion kill the scouter that tried to kill me. I swing my sword in a huge arc sending blue light all around us. I quickly dispatch 10 more scouters.”Here is the commander of all of the scouters.” I think to myself.

This scouter is different, He is quicker, more agile and more heavily armored plus he has a titanium longsword. He draws his sword and gets into a defense position as do I. Then at the same time we both charge at each other. I double twist in the air and send down a devastating right stroke upon my enemy’s sword. Our swords ring out as we fight each other with amazing skill.

I swing my sword as the commander attacks and our swords clash. I watch as the scouter stumbles back. “Here’s my chance!” I think to myself. I lunge forward sword at the ready and waiting to swing upon its enemy.

A screech filled with rage and pain came from the scouter as I brought down my sword on him. I leap up and take a defensive position as I hear the scouter speak our language. “You pathetic group of three humans think you can stop us? We already have 800 of our kind coming to this location! So enjoy your so called victory, if you survive, as long as you can for you will not live!” I watch as he shutters and dies with those last words.

Cevon and Brayd are shocked just like me but we can’t stay that way because the shadow smashers have lined up into a circle a were preparing to fire. Their shields clanked together. Their weapon getting ready to fire. The adrenalin pumping through my veins. Then as fast as a bullet we react. 

We take up defensive positions behind metal debris and we all aim our guns at the circle. There are the remaining 15 shadow smashers and they are all aimed at us. The sound of plasma orb needlers heating up hums everywhere. Then we heard the sounds of sniper rifles attacking the remaining 8 shadow shifters and 13 death walkers. The noise was so unexpected that even the shadow smashers stop to watch the battle.

Instantly caught of gaurd, 6 death walkers went down under the sniper fire and never came back up. The last nine, shot of their R-49’s miraculously missing everyone of the snipers. Then I realize that about half the wall guard is dead or injured. I slowly without anyone seeing, slip on my silencer and aim straight at the shadow smasher’s commander who also was under the daze of the amazing battle being fought by the snipers and wall guards. Then the commander went down without a sound and without anyone ever knowing that it happened except me.

While the wall guard battle ends with the wall guards driving the survivors back towards us I slip off my attachments and put them in my pouch as the remaining 2 shadow shifters ( the remaining forces of the assault on the wall ) come back to fight us.

I draw my gun and take aim and pull the trigger 4 times. The shadow shifters fall, impaled by 2 bullets each. The two shots bring everyone else back to reality. I fire off the rest of my clip into the shadow smashers. I bring down 8 of them with the rest of my clip.

An orb hits my ammo counter and I quickly replace it with a new one I had been saving in case of this. It turned on instantly showing my amount of ammo and how many clips and abilities I had and I could use. I instantly turn on the hud in my helmet because of the noise that kept me from talking to my friends and talking to them about ideas and strategies.  I start to talk through the comm.. “ They seem to have three shadow smashers blocking the gaps in those truck and they are using it as a fort. We have got to find a way to get at them.”.

We attack their three shadow smashers. I let Cevon and Brayd attack them while I hang back for a second. I lob a sticky plasma grenade on one of the shadow smashers back in the very middle of the whole shadow smasher group. The timer of three seconds starts to count down. I call Cevon and Brayd back to the debris we were hiding behind.

We barely make behind as the grenade detonates upon our enemies. Some of the aliens run and try to get away. In the end though they are all disintegrated and all that remains of them are a few ashes and their heat seeking plasma orb needlers along with three adjustable stronger shield generators that we will each get and customize our way into our advanced one of a kind Onex armor. We each pick one up and store it in our pack, then Cevon crumbles revealing the tip of a rib and a bloody wound.  I fill in his wound with a substance I created that I call “Bionfoam”.

We get to the wall of the Fortress City and the guards instantly let us and send a medical team to check on us. Brayd reveals a big bloody wound that is on his side and I simply push them away saying I was okay and they leave me alone. The leader of the city and militia comes up to me. ”We could use you and your force. We have seen your group fight the enemy and defend us, Even our teams have seen you fight off large forces before they even got within 50 miles of us!”

“No I cannot stay.”


“I must still defend your fortress city.“

“You would abandon your friends!?”

“No. They are under my direction to not come back to me until fully healed. They may move around as they please when able to walk. Take care of them Leongro.”I say firmly. I leave hoping that my friends will be ok. I go towards our shelter alone and without friends.

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