Clown Support Group

by Jenie G., Age 15 , Grade 10, Thomas Jefferson High School, Council Bluffs, IOWA USA

The clown support group was a group that met every friday. The people who came, weren’t people who dressed as clowns, they were clowns. They were born with really pale and milky skin, birthmarks that looked like face paint, hair messy and unkempt, and their noses were red, kinda like that one reindeer. They really didn’t choose to look this way. Their mother’s had most likely contracted the disease known as clownitis. It was disease that was caught by being exposed to much to the circus, the children of these women with clownitis are born with clown defects. This is quite a rare disease that only affects one in every fifty thousand children. No research is done on how help these kids but, support groups are open to help them cope with their differences. This disease is only exclusive to the modern city of Canaquack.

It was friday night. Eight boys sat around in a circle of chairs. None of them really knew each other at all but, they however, all had one thing in common. They all looked like clowns and each of them hated it. A young male adult came in with a few binders, some books, and pamphlets. He had a huge smile on his face, it was too enthusiastic for the boys who mostly had scowls on their faces. The young man smiled and sat the binders and books down on the floor next to an empty seat.

“Hey guys!!” He beamed happily. He then started to pass out the pamphlets still in his hands. “I’ll be your mentor and cope director, Mr. Dye! It’s nice to meet you all!” Some of the boys looked at the man in disgust. How could such a man be so happy. However the boys took the pamphlet handed to them, all except one. One boy had his hands in his pocket, looking down at the pamphlet and then Mr. Dye.

“What do you want me to do with that?.. It’s not really going to help me.” He paused and looked off to the side, as if there was something more important to look at. “You’re just wasting trees that maybe wanted to be alive.” His face was a little angry but overall indifferent. He then looked back at the director. “Maybe you didn’t think of that at all, Mr. Dye.” Mr. Dye sighed. It seemed this boy was going to be a difficult one. Nonetheless he smiled sympathetically.

“Oh kiddo, the trees wanted to be used because they knew they would become something great!” He tried to make the situation a little lighter but, he just received a sour scowl from the boy.

“So, what you’re saying is that these trees wanted to become a damn pamphlet for a bunch of clown looking kids that tells them what they already know and heard their whole life?” The boy took his hand out of his pockets and started clapping. “Wowie.. I did not know trees made such great sacrifices.” The other boys looked at this a little shocked. Sure, looking like a clown was hard but, was it so hard for a kid to be this sour?.. Mr. Dye didn’t know how to respond. This kid had a really smart attitude. He quickly placed the pamphlet between the boy’s hand. Oh boy this was going to be quite the ride.


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