by Lindsay, Age 15 , Grade 10

What is the last thing that you told your mother? I don’t remember what mine was, do you? I don’t remember what I last said to my mother because she died when I was two years old.
I know my mother would’ve been proud of me. The one thing I remember about my mother is how much she loved her job. She was a doctor, and now so am I.
My father abandoned me when I was only ten years old. After that, I was left with my only living relative, my aunt. I lived with her until I turned eighteen, then I left to go to college. I haven’t seen her since I left.

After being alone for ten years of college, I finally got my degree and became a nurse. It was my dream to be like my mom was. I never knew her very well. All I remember is that she used to tell me this story about a girl who loved to help people. But one day, she died.
The only thing I regret was that I never knew her. I never got the chance. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

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