How will I contribute to the world / Moving Schools

by Jaiden D., Age 13 , Grade 6, Wilson Middle School, Plano , TEXAS USA
Teacher: Miss Spence

How I will contribute to the world  

By: Jaiden Denmon  

I will contribute to the world by being a veteran and helping animals feel better and not being sick. I want a second job because I want to be a traffic girl. I could help people prepare. Therefore getting to work and taking the best route for them.

So I think I could do both help animals and their needs. Also be a Traffic person like Chip Waggoner on Fox 4  news. These things are very important to me when I grow up.

I have a patient heart for animals and people. First in the morning I would love to work for the news then later go to be a veteran. Since I was little I’ve always wanted to be a veteran  and I love animals. Expecicaly my favorite is dogs.

The reason I want to be a traffic girl because I know my surroundings and directions. I would love to help people in the morning so on there way to work they can take the best route for them to work so they can be there on time. When I grow up even now I want to stay a hard worker what I do now all depends on it later. I think I know all my directions around the metroplex. I know where I live I know where I  am at just in case something happens.


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