Going to Israel.

by Noam G., Age 11 , Grade 6, Wilson Middle School, Plano, TEXAS USA
Teacher: Melanie Spence

Going to Israel... By: Noam Gurfinkel Dear friend, My family and I went to Israel for the summer. We got to see lots of friends and family. My brother, sister and brothers girlfriend went on a thing called birthright. It's for Jewish teens and they get to go places in Israel for 3 weeks. My mom, my dad my little sister and I all stayed at my grandmas house for 2 months. My parents planned on leaving a month before school started, but my sister and I didn't want to leave because we made so many new friends. We begged to stay longer. This lead to a little arguing between my mom, dad and grandma. So aventaly They decided we could stay a little longer. My dad left the date we were supposed to leave because he had to go back to work. since my dad left he took the rental car with him to return . As a result we had to use my grandmas car. It was so hot on there.. We had a couple more days before we had to go back home because school was starting in about a week. Every year I go to camp with you, and this year we were in the oldest bunk but I wasn't here this year you. have to tell me everything that happened.. I really missed you. I had a great time meeting new friends but I missed playing around at camp together. Next year will be a blast. Sincerely, Noam Gurfinkel

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