by Clara S, Age 12 , Grade 7, Lexington Montessori School, Boston, MASSACHUSETTS USA
Teacher: GM Hakim


By Clara Siewert

I never thought I would see a flower as

bright as the sun.

Showing its beauty

as it swayed in the early morning dew.

The breeze tickled the yellow-orange petals

until one fell and displayed itself on the wet green grass.

The sun peeked over the giant evergreen trees.

A bee landed in the center of the flower

Stomping its feet in the dusty pollen. Flying away, another petal fell.

The fall air grew colder, making it harder for the plant to thrive.

Petals fell one after another,

And the bees stopped pollinating.

The last leaves fell, creating a crunchy surface.

The flower was gone.

The first snowflakes fell, and soon a white blanket covered the cold, frozen ground.

A winter wonderland.

The season will end.

The flower would make its return.

Next Spring.


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