by Ainsley W., Age 15 , Grade 8, Trinity Christian Academy, Dallas, TX USA
Teacher: Sarah-Grahm Turtletaub

I’m searching, searching for someone,

Someone to be my flashlight in my time of darkness. 

Maybe she is someone I haven’t met,

Maybe she is someone I pass everyday but never realize,

And maybe I will never know her. 


I feel so alone. 

My room is colder than the winter snow. 

There is no one to cry out to. 

The noises in my bedroom scream out at me,

The ticking clock warns me of the time passing. 

Each second that goes by is another second I am lonely. 


I wake up in the morning, 

I slab on a fake smile for the day and walk outside. 

I try not to show my emotions because if I did,

People would see the real me. 

The unsure, unmotivated, uninspired,

Version of me. 


Loneliness is poverty in itself. 

It strips you of any shred of

confidence, independence, or freedom you ever had. 

It tears you down until all you see is darkness. 


I’ve learned this in the most horrific way possible. 

I learned I am a diamond in the rough. 

Once I am found and dusted off by someone, 

My true colors will show. 


People will see that I am not a girl afraid of the public,

I am not afraid of school. 

I am not afraid of the mean girls. 

I am bold. 

I am free. 

I am a work of art. 


I tell my lonely, cold room,

I am not afraid of it. 

You do not scare me because I am not alone. 


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