My Sister

by Kaya M. , Grade 7

I started off my day by ripping off my old pink wallpaper, it was the ugliest wallpaper I have ever had, well kind of the only one. My room has been the same ever since I was around five years old. Today was finally when I could paint and re design my room, we already ordered the new furniture like my comfy bed, desk, shelves, and other smaller things to complete the look of my room. We got to the last wall that still had the pink wallpaper, the paper was on really thick only on this wall for some reason. There were so many layers I had my brother Jackson help pull it off. We counted to three then pulled as hard as we could, “1,2,3!” “NO STOP!” yelled my mom. Jackson and I didn’t know why mom didn’t want us taking off the wallpaper when we knew we were allowed to. We tried asking questions but she wouldn’t answer what we asked. Jackson and I decided to rip off the wallpaper as fast as we could so we could see why my mom wouldn't let us rip it off. I whispered to the count of three to Jackson and ripped off the wallpaper. Standing in front of us was a small white door. Jackson and I were staring at the door waiting for someone to open it. My mom started running to the door to stand in front of it so we wouldn’t open it. The suspense was so annoying, why couldn’t we know what was inside? Does my mom have a weird hoarding habit or something? There could be anything behind this door. I was begging my mom to open it, I could see in her face that she knew she had open it but didn’t want to. All I said was “can you at least explain a little bit?” my mom started to say “there are boxes of pictures of… a girl” “who?” I asked. My mom started opening the door without answering who the girl was. I was curious but also very confused and nervous. Inside the room it was small and cold since it was winter, the room was mostly empty with a few spider webs but setting in the middle there was two boxes full of pictures. I looked at the photos and the girl looked just like me but you could tell that we were two different people. I was so confused, all the pictures were just of this girl and different parts of her life like the first time she rode her bike and first days of school or pictures of her and her friends. I asked my mom who this girl was and she said I had a twin sister when I was born but she could only take care of one us so she put my sister up for adoption. She got the pictures from the lady that adopted her but stopped getting the photos last year but wasn't sure why. So I decided to find out more about my sister Caroline Bell.

I couldn't pay any attention at school the next day. I couldn't stop thinking about Caroline like where she lives, what she likes and even her personality. Is she like me? Once school was over I ran home because it was faster then taking the bus. I unlocked the front door to my house and ran upstairs to my room, I opened my laptop and typed in Caroline Bell. The links and images that came up were pictures of a lake or websites about a dead drowning girl. I looked at more pictures and they were all pictures of Caroline. I went to more websites and they all said Caroline Bell drowning at a lake in Utah. It also said stuff like Rest in peace Caroline Bell you will be forever missed. I guess that means my sister died and I never got to meet her.

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