by Deborah T., Age 14 , Grade 9, Collegiate Academy at TCC, Hurst, TEXAS USA
Teacher: Mark Dye

Another day,

Another place.

Another time,

Another moment.




For him, it was a cycle.

An endless cycle

Repeating over,

And over,



“What’s wrong with him?”

they asked.

“He’s getting more distant,”

she said.

But when they asked, “what’s wrong?”

He simply replied with,

“I’m just tired.”

What they didn’t understand

Was that he really was tired.

He was tired of being in pain,

Of having to hide that pain

To keep everyone happy

He was tired of having them worry over him

He didn’t want them to worry

Because he wasn’t worth worrying over.

But what he was tired of most

Was having to push her away

To be the cause of her tears

The reason she cried at night.

And this drained him.


It consumed him.

So much so that he just had to be


They didn’t understand.

No one understood.

That was what he thought.

And, in a way, it was true.

But what he didn’t understand

Was that they cared about him

No matter how much he didn’t want them to,

No matter how hard he pushed them away,

They all loved him, in one way or another.

He was a brother to one,

A dearly close friend to others,

And so much more to her.

To me.

If only he’d understood.

Then maybe,

Just maybe,

He would’ve had more time.

Another day,

Another hour,

Another minute,

Another second,

Another moment.

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