My Sister Angie

by Frankie, Age 11 , Grade 5, Vicksburg, MI USA

My Sister Angie

By Frankie


Do you have any siblings that are superheros? You may think that your sibling(s) are annoying. I see my older sister, Angie, as incredible, she’s a great sister and helps our family a ton. She has courage in everything she does, along with kindness. She’s a superhero in my eyes and I wouldn’t ask for any other sister in the world.

A superhero doesn’t have to fly to be awesome or have superpowers to save the day. Angie helps out our family a lot but also helps me. She helps with my problems or when I’m angry, tasks or chores, and homework. She is always there for me, whatever I’m going through. When my aunt died and my family just stood there crying, I went to blow my nose and when I was coming out of the bathroom, Angie came in and wrapped her arms around me, hugging me close. She helps me when I’m crying other times, too.Sometimes when I don’t get to see her at all that day, she will write me a note and leave it somewhere she knows that I will see it. Angie helps out my family a lot because she cooks dinner for us when my mom works and she drives us to and from sports and other events. Angie is a great role model because she gets all of her chores done early when I wait until the end of the day. She also gets her homework done on time and still has time for me. Usually she doesn’t complain about doing her chores. It is usually about life or what she doesn’t want to do, and I support her through that. She gets lots of sports awards for team captain because of her leadership. Angie is also in NHS (National Honor Society) and volunteers a lot to help out.

Without a doubt, Angie is a really great person and my superhero. Angie is a very kind person. She shows courage in everything she does. Not only does she help me, but my whole family and many other people. I don’t even recognize all she does for me! Every superhero doesn’t have to have a cape and superpowers to be a superhero, but courage, and Angie certainly does have courage(and awesome sister superpowers;))

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