Figures of shadow across the sand

by Bella M., Age 13 , Grade 7, South City Community school, St. Louis, MISSOURI USA
Teacher: Mrs. Perkins

   Clinking chains

Bloody stains

Figures of shadow across the sand

Dirty, dusty,

Colored rusty

Forced to leave their land

Sitting in slime

Covered in grime

Free thoughts and dreams now banned

Cough, choke

Unhelpful bloke

No one will offer a hand

“On the ark!” they shout and bark

Swish, crack!

Thud, smack!

More breathing room in the dark

Descend to the hull

It’s cramped and it’s full

Chained to a bed

Splintered and red

The folk in the hold

Some young and some old

Are silent and stare unsure what they’ll behold

What food they have is covered in mold

They whimper and cry

Is it worth to die?

There is nowhere to lie

Throats are all dry

         Fed beans and rice

Stolen by mice

Against their will

Can’t eat to their fill

Sickness strikes

It nips and it bites

Vomit and bleed

Men will not heed

Darkness come

Do you hear the drum?

Must pay the sum

I’m under his thumb

I rise to the ceiling

         I have no feeling

        For miles around

There is no sound



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