The War of Lies

by Luke F., Age 14 , Grade 8, South City Community School, ST Louis, MO , MISSOURI USA
Teacher: Perkins

The War of Lies                                                      

Luke Fenwick

To be a dictator is a job of power,

But no one has been told how to use this newborn influence,

Truth should be told,

But truth is not power,

But war is another story,

For the lies shall increase a thousand fold,

This is a repetition,

Of a story a thousand years old,

The people wish for truth,

The dictator denies,

Instead they issue lots of lies,

In many different forms,

Some pepper street walls and shops,

They ask for young,

And able bodied men,

Who want to fight for a nation,

Lies are increased to produce patriotism,

At least that's what they say,

Nationalism is a powerful tool,

So they use it for all it's worth,

Deception will even arrive through your door,

When arrives the evening mail,

“Pay up and help our boys,

Survive this bullet hail”

An innocent radio to us,

Is a long range weapon to them,

They use it to fill,

Your head right up to the brim with lies,

Until it leaks right out again and they happily refill,

The reason these lies all fly around is to convince you to go to war,

But one needs to tell these men,

That one cannot go to war,

With their eyes closed for them from the truth,

The men who give birth to these deception,

are cowards in their own way,

They lure men towards the front lines to go,

So they, themselves will not,

But they, the cowards are the ones in places of power,

And there it is, the probability,

That there they will remain,

But from now on at least one person,

Will not be fooled again.

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