The Tennis Match!

by Juliette L. , Grade 7

“Arrrgh,” one of my opponents shouted as he swung at the tennis ball.  It came towards me at an alarming speed.  I used my quick reflects to hit the ball back over the net. The ball came back on my side of the court, I ran backwards as fast as I could, hands trembling, knowing that if I am not able to get the tennis ball back over we will lose the match.  Sweating from nerves, I swung my racket up and could feel it slipping.

A few months ago I was skipping up to the tennis courts with my skirt flapping and my hair spinning, very excited because I was a freshman on the varsity tennis team and this was the first practice.  Towards the end of practice the coach gathered us around to tell us what meets we would be participating in.  He handed us all the sheet of paper with all the meets with our names next to the meets we would be participating in later in the season.  My eyes scrolled down the paper to see my name next to the Top Match.  Competing at the Top Match is a dream come true.  Oh my gosh I can’t believe he thinks I’m good enough to compete in the Top Match.  I thought.

“I can’t believe we get to be doubles partners for the Top Match, Scarlett,”  I exclaimed with my blonde hair bobbing up and down behind me and my baby blue eyes shone in the sun.

“Yes, Cassie, this is going to be an awesome season!”  She said excitedly.

“Yes it is, I get to be doubles partners with my sweet best friend, smart and pretty, and we get to compete at the Top Match,” I pause thinking oh my gosh we are competing at the Top Match, a competitive meet, which is awesome but after thinking for a while I started thinking this is bad, real bad.  I mean were good but we are still going to get crushed by the other teams.

“Oh my gosh, Scarlett how are we supposed to win even one match at the meet?”  I asked nervously.

 “I don’t know but we have a ton of practice time before to get better,” she responded.

 “But they also have a ton of practice time before to get even better,” I responded back.

 “I guess you are right, but we didn’t make the varsity team for no reason, we have talent and are good,” said Scarlett.

                So for the next month we worked really hard, learning new hard drills, running to get in shape, and practicing playing a match.  Soon enough it was the night before our first match and I was not nervous at all and the next day we came out victorious.  After the match Scarlett said,

“See Cassie we are good, we will do great at the Top Match.”

“I guess you're right,” I said.  The two matches before the Top Match flew by with us catching a victory and a second place.  So I was not that worried about the Top Match until a few days before.  The nerves kicked in out of nowhere and I could not stop thinking about it.

The day of the match came and I thought I might throw up but I finally pushed myself to get up and go.  When I was walking towards the courts the sun was burning down like a oven.  Good thing I brought my sunglasses.  I thought.  When it was ten minutes before my first match I went over to start warming up.  When I got there Scarlett was already there warming up.

“Nervous?”  She asked.

“Very,” I responded and we continued warming up on the vibrant green and blue courts with a metal fence surrounding us.  We somehow won three matches and we made it to the finals.  When we found out that we made it to the finals I became more nervous than I ever had been in my entire life.  What if we lose, what would the team say, these thoughts raced through my head until it was time for the match to start.

Both of us were ready the match started.  Towards the end of the match the ball flew back on my side of the court with the ground circling around me.  Next thing I know I’m running backwards as fast as I can, hands trembling, knowing that if I am not able to get the tennis ball back over we will lose the match.  My hands are sweating from nerves and as I swing my racket up and I can feel it slipping out of my hand, but before it does I use all my strength to hit the ball back over the net and my racket jumps out of my hand, but I hit it early enough that it went over the net and the other team missed it by a mile.  We won!

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