A Day in the Life of a Panda in a Zoo

by Alfina E., Age 12 , Grade 7, DVIA, Hawthorne, CA USA

A Day in the Life of…

A Panda in the Zoo

by Alfina

     I woke up late in the morning, at about 10:00. There were already crowds of visitors at the zoo. I rolled over and yawned, not wanting to get up. But then my stomach rumbled. I was hungry, and had woken up later than usual. I could hear humans chattering at the top of my enclosure.

     “Hey, look, the panda’s awake!” a little kid shouted from above. He was leaning so far over the railing to point and look I was sure he'd topple over the edge. I turned away and lumbered of to a large clump of bamboo. I broke off the nicest-looking branch and sniffed it. It smelled edible, so I lifted a paw and deftly stripped of the leaves, stuffing them into my mouth.

     “As you can see, our giant panda is feeding on bamboo, which is the main part of its diet. Panda's digestive systems are actually made for eating meat, but they prefer an herbivoric diet…” a tour guide gestured toward me, blabbing on and on to a group of visitors leaning over the railing to catch a glimpse of me.

     I rolled my eyes and kept chewing. Then I lifted up the stem of the bamboo and started licking it. Yum! After eating some more bamboo, I went over to my feeding bowl and munched on a few carrots. Tired again, I went back under my tree and took a nap.

     I woke up sometime around evening. I got up and ate some more bamboo and other vegetables for dinner. Then I went for a little walk around the enclosure. It was cool and peaceful, with no people milling about. Next door, I could hear the other animals falling asleep. I climbed up a tree and sat in some high branches to watch the sunset. After all the colors faded away, I climbed back down and curled up for the night. Another good day over. 

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