National Basketball Association

by Lucca P. , Grade 7, Susan B Anthony middle school, Revere, MASSACHUSETTS USA
Teacher: Mr.Adelman

It was an average day for the start if the NBA season, millions of fans watching, celebrity appearances, chants, and excellent players. The rest of the day was great. Later everything changed, it was a Boston Celtics vs Memphis Grizzlies game. It was normal until all the speakers blasted saying everybody had to leave the arena immediately. Nobody has seen the players so the refs went to check on the players, steam appeared in the halls and put the refs to sleep. Later when they woke up they realized that it was sleeping gas and all the players had been kidnapped. Confusion everywhere on social media, but there were no tweets from NBA players about this odd situation. People start to investigate, then they found it, every player had been kidnapped by someone or something and it’d starts a storm all over Instagram, Twitter, news stations, Youtube, and everywhere to be exact.

“What happened?!” Giannis Antetokounmpo says gasping while waking up. He woke up in a very ill-lighted room, as he is in confusion he sees other bodies on the floor. Jersey numbers #1 and #11 were on the bodies jerseys. Giannis almost drops as he looks at the names.

“D’angelo Russell and Kyrie Irving?!” Giannis shouts. D’lo and Kyrie wake up breathless.

“Yo where are we?” Kyrie and D’lo say together as they wake up in confusion.

“I don't know but we gotta get out of here like really fast” Giannis replied. The 3 start looking at every creek and corner of the room to find a way out. D’lo finds a brick and throws into the wall and it tears like papers, they look out surprised and see a ton of other players in this huge modern looking room. Lebron James, Gordon Hayward, Jimmy Butler, Isaiah Thomas, Damian Lillard, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, James Harden, Karl-Anthony Towns, were in this huge house, it felt like we were in an MTV reality show

“Look there are cameras watching us!” James Harden shouts. Everyone looks at the camera surprised as ever.

“hello!!” Speakers from all over the house blasted with a duck quacking for some odd reason.

“What?” says everybody all at once.

The speakers turn on again. “Oh sorry, I forgot I was working with english fellows. Well anyways i’m Lord Virgil, I set up tournaments from around the galaxy, I come from a distant part of the galaxy. To get this straight I spin a wheel to see who you would be battling.” Lord Virgil spins the wheel, anxiety comes from all the players.

“Uhhhh guess you got to battle ducks?” Virgil says. Relief from all the players come into the room.

“This is dumb, well this would be boring so let me spice things up. Let me turn you guys into ducks and not just that, i'll turn you all into RUBBER DUCKS!!” Virgil continues. Everyone is in shock. Kevin Durant and CJ Mccollum is missing, then a couple more people start going missing. Then it's just Isaiah Thomas left, he faints. Later everyone wakes up in this really large bathtub, it was super huge like I mean it was big as a basketball court, this had a little suspicion because everybody started to think then they looked at each other. They were rubber ducks in a court-size bathtub.

“Ha look it's Lequack James!” Kyrie yelled hysterically. Then Kyrie realized he is also a duck which made him sad. The group start swimming around the court just trying to investigate.

“Hello fellow ducklings it is I. You may have noticed you are in a giant bathtub..well this is your new baseball cou--I meant Basketball court, you are versing the biggest competitive ducks in the galaxy. Your team is called the Migrates. Lebron James plays small forward, Russell  Westbrook plays Point Guard, Demarcus Cousins Center, Kevin Durant plays Power forward, James Harden plays shooting guard. Okay?” Virgil said in the loud speakers.

The team starts lining up then a pair of 15 other ducks come and form into 1 group of 5 then the rest went to the bench. They face off and it was barely competitive, we wrecked them very easily. Next game was still the same and it stayed like that for a while. Later we found out..we were wrong, these massive ducks came in. They were bulky and big just like the Monstars from Space Jam. We gathered the best players on our team, we were ready. Game 1 was intense, Gordon Hayward got injured, there were massive dunks and it was not only us but those massive ducks. The game ended off with 31-35, big ducks took the lead. Game 2 was a bit calmer, instead we took the lead (66-41). Game 3 was just chill and wasn't very important (98-72) we took the lead by a lot. Game 4 was ultimately instance, it went all the way to overtime. The final score was (121-120). After all of that shenanigans we jus---

“Yo what happened??) Kyrie says waking up unconsciously in a “real” basketball court.

“You fell unconscious then you were asleep for 21 hours” Al Horford said.

“Huh, imagine if we were ducks am I right?” Kyrie responds.

“What?” Al Horford said

“Nevermind…” Kyrie continued.


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