The Brave Queen

by Brittany C., Age 18 , Grade 12, Holt High School, Wentzville, MO USA

I am nineteen years old, and am queen of my little kingdom called Brightmoor. Brightmoor sits perfectly on an island, not far from England. We are able to keep our monarchy separate because of the island. We have existed among the over governments for centuries and have had barely any conflicts. The kingdom is one of those rare small monarchies that still exists throughout the world. Our island is a fair size and has plenty of plants and animals inhabiting it. The bright sun warms our skin year round, and makes the almost see through ocean that surrounds us like a large bathtub that one can relax in the perfect temperature. Our village was built by our very own men and women, who happened to place it right in the middle of the island. Brightmoor has been my home since I was a baby. Everyday after having my daily lessons, I would put blonde hair up in a ponytail and put on my white tennis shoes under my dress. My mother and nannies would always complain about this, they say I would never stop moving. I would always gather a bag, full of food and supplies and set off. On many of these adventures the village folk would always take care of me. They would always amuse me and help take down whatever dragon was in town that day. Now those kind hearted people and their children are relying on me to take care of them. I remember being taken care of by the village folk and now their care is in my hands. It has been one year since I took the title, and things have been running smoothly. I have been learning since I was little how to properly run a kingdom, and I can honestly say that is so much more than the lessons. There are real people involved and situations that require my utmost attention. I am learning how to give all that I can through trial and error. My Father says he's beyond proud of me, he says that despite my age, he knows the kingdom is in good hands.I enjoy being able to take care of my people, in this town everyone knows everyone. Usually this statement is a bad thing, but not here. In this town that statement means we help one another through any problems and take care of one another.Right beside my people lays my home.I live in a large white castle that overlooks the village and its inhabitants. My home has many windows, a stable to its right and a maid’s house to its left. Inside, there are always people fretting about doing many jobs. Despite its largeness, the castle is very homey, my mother made sure of that. Both of my parents are still alive, but they wanted the kingdom to be given to me at the age of eighteen.They saw the way I behaved during lessons, and how earnestly I cared about learning the rules of a monarchy. At a young age, I realized there was nothing more I wanted than to be queen. Normally, young girls go through a stage of not wanting the responsibility, but I never did. I saw that I could help people by doing this and that was enough for me. Today is rather one of the boring days of being Queen. I am to listen to lessons today. I still have weekly school lessons, and have homework. My mother always says “A queen should never be done learning.” I am in my room finishing up my homework when I start to smell copper. Usually the castle smells of hot food and candles so I am curious as to why it smells of copper. A loud bang roars all around me. I look outside and am shocked, minutes before the sky was bright now there is a raging storm. The lights start to flicker around me.

“Please stay on,” I whisper only for them to turn off seconds after. I reach out my hand and try to remember the last place I saw a candle. It is so dark that I can not see the hand in front of me. All of the sudden a loud crash fills my entire room. I feel a hard smack on my head, and as I fall to the ground all I can see is the shadow of a person behind me.

My eyes flutter open and adjust to the sun. I slowly sit up and take in my surroundings. I am in the field that lies right outside the town. I try to think back to how I got here, but I can only remember the storm.

“I thought you were never going to wake up,” A deep voice said behind me. I turned only around to see a tall, dark haired man who looked my age. His name was William and everyone knew William. William is the only person who was not born here, he had just shown up. No one was sure about his past, but there were rumors and they were dark to say the least.

“What is going?” I asked him. He frowned at me.

“Something terrible is going on,” he replied in a dark voice. I narrowed my eyes at him and crossed my arms.

“If this is your idea of a joke, I can assure you it is not funny. I have a kingdom to run,” I told him crossly.

“Not anymore you do, not without my help,” he said crossing his arms as well. I sat up and squared back my shoulders. He was a tall, intimidating man but I would not let fear get in the way of finding out what was going on.  “If you try to go to the castle right now and be their queen, they will kick you out. They will not recognize you, someone has set a curse on this whole town. I have my suspicions but I hope I am wrong,” he said. I looked up at him and rolled my eyes.

“Oh please, this kingdom has not been under a curse in over two hundred years,” I told him. He laughed but it was a bitter one.

“You would be surprised how long people can hold grudges,” He said.

“Tell me what exactly is going on, and maybe then I’ll believe you,” I told him. He sighed and sat down. His body seemed to weigh down at the thought of telling me. I sat down across from him, bracing the worst.

“There is a curse on the kingdom. Your uncle is the one who is responsible. Your uncle is an evil man, but he is not the one who is in charge of this whole thing. He likes to believe he is, but it is actually the witch, Emily, who is the mastermind. Emily has wanted to take over our town since two hundred years ago and each time she has been stopped by your family. Now that she finally has someone in your family to work with, she has a way in. Her magic was never strong enough to make the town accept her as queen, but they will accept someone of your family as the new king. They will not recognize you, and that's where I come in. I am here to help you take back what is yours,” He finished. I sat there with my mouth slightly open. Every part of me did not want to believe him, but I somehow knew he was not lying. I was always told that someday I would learn more about Emily because everyone was so sure she would not come back. Now she has, and it's up to me to help stop her.

“How are you going to help me?” I asked him. He stood up and smiled at me.

“Your majesty, meet your own very own witch,” he bowed before me. “I was born in a community of witches, and they raised me until I came here. I wanted to forget where I came from, and for a long time I never did any magic. Now I realize, I can help people with it,” He said. “There is such a thing as good witches you know,” I told him. He smiled at me.

“I know that now,” he replied, “now follow me, I have will perform a spell so they will let us in the castle, and then we will take back what is yours.” He said over his shoulder as he started walking. I got up and quickly followed him.

I stared at William as he whispered words under his breath right outside the castle gates. We had made it through the town and not one person recognized me. They smiled politely at me like they would a stranger. It only made this curse more real for me. William finished and then waved his hand at the gate.

“We are good to go,” he said. I followed behind him and noticed as the guards seemed to not be aware of us. We walked through the castle and he followed me as I led him through the hallways I knew no one else would be at. We stopped at a large white door.

“She’s in there,” he whispered. I took a deep breath.

“This is where the throne is,” I told him. I looked up at him and neither one of us moved. “What is the plan?” I asked. He took my hand and led me a few feet away from the door. He reached inside his bag and pulled a small sword.

“You deal with your uncle and I’ll deal with Emily. If we both do as we are expected then there should be no trouble,” he said. I took the sword from his hand.

Growing up I had been in sword fighting classes in order to protect myself and my people. The sword felt heavy in my hands, but the love for my country outweighed it. He gave me a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder, and counted to three. Once he said three, we burst into the room. My uncle, Charles, was a big muscular man with a very intimidating atmosphere. My father had been given the title of king over him, and he tried to kill him for it. Ever since then, he has been banished. Now that he is standing in front of me, I can see the rage he holds. When his eyes settle on me, I can feel myself start to inch back. Yet I push through. We fight one another, swords slashing and bodies rolling. All the while, I can hear curses and spells being yelled as William and Emily battle.

“Your father never deserved this kingdom,” Charles spits at me. I jump away at the last second barely avoiding being cut in the arm.

“My father is more of man then you’ll ever be,” I replied back with gritted teeth. His large face grew red at the words. He laughed, and it was a dark sound filled with no warmth.

“A little girl like you will never be able to run this kingdom. You might as well give it over to me, This is a man’s job,” He said as he ducked under my swing. As Charles yelled these words, I felt the rage of women who have heard this all their lives. I felt my skin start to turn hot with effort and anger.

“A woman can do anything she puts her mind to,” I yelled at him. I brought the sword down with more power than before. His eyes started to grow wide as I kept slashing. I backed him up into a wall, and as I breathed in I could see the anger in his eyes. There was still no fear, it was almost as if this man had no more humanity left. “I will be remembered as a great ruler, not as a woman ruler, but a great one,” I said as I brought my sword down. I finally hit Charles in the leg, and he fell down. He tries to get back up, but he can not. I stand over him, with my sword to his face. I take the blunt end of it and bang it over his head. His eyes start to roll back and finally close. His chest still moves up and down, but he is not a worry anymore. I turn to see if William is alright. Their hands are waving back and forth as they fight. Colors, and sparks are flying out of their fingertips. Emily, the one is in every nightmare of the kid’s in this town, has only revenge in her brown almost black eyes. From first glance, she looks like a normal woman. She is petite with dark long hair that curls around her waist. She could be pretty but the anger that sweeps off of her only makes her terrifying. I can see William struggling, as his movements are getting less precise. I run over to Emily sword in hand. She turns right as I am in front of her. For that terrible second of looking into her eyes, all I feel is coldness. It was as if someone turned out all the lights and you realized that you were alone and always would be. I bring the sword down and cut her arm as she yells a spell at me.

“Isabella, No!” Will screams. I feel my body being thrown across the room, and I land with a loud thud. My body aches all over, but I watch as Will realizes Emily is distracted by me.

“Poor little Isabella,” she hisses, “always trying to be the hero aren’t we?” She comes closer to me. “This kingdom and its people are mine, and I will make you watch as I rule ruthlessly,”  Her eyes were black and full of hatred towards me.

“You will never rule anything,” I yelled at her. Will yells a spell at her, and red smoke came out of his fingerprints. It warms around Emily, as she starts to spin around.

“No, you will all regret this,” She yells as it surrounds her.  As the smoke clears, Emily is no longer in the room. At that second, the guards come running in. I bite my lip, knowing this is the real test to see if they recognize me.

“My queen,” My head knight yells. He runs over and immediately seizes Charles. I turn to William with a smile on my face.

“We did it,” I exclaim. I run over to him, and hug him. “Thank you for helping me, I could not have done this without you,” I tell him.

“Me either,” He says, “Emily is gone now. She will not be bothering this town for a long time,” He looks around the room, and suddenly becomes nervous. I can tell it is because he is nervous as to how people will react knowing he is a witch. I take his larger hand in mine.

“Do not be nervous about what people will think. You saved us all, tonight we shall have a grand feast in your honor,” I smile at him. He smiles back as more people fill the room wondering what had happened. I will tell them tonight all about the adventure and about the witch who has cursed us but also about the witch who had saved us. The kingdom is safe once again.. For now.


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