by Zarina E., Age 10 , Grade 4, Hawthorne, CALIFORNIA USA

By Zarina Eull
    Beanie-Weanie was a smart man who lived in a filthy house.  He didn't know why his house was filthy because he kept his belongings perfectly in order.  But then he realized that bugs were living in his house.  The S-RITE bugs—bugs that mess up your house.  He called the exterminators, but they didn't have any spray that could kill the bugs.  They only had the S-RITH spray and the S-RITS spray.  Then, since Beanie-Weanie was smart, he decided to make his own bug spray.  He mixed mustard, wine, grapes, apples, oranges, ketchup, and water together.  Then he put the mixture into a spray bottle.  He shook it.  Then, he carefully snuck into the attic.  BZZZ!  The sound of a hundred bugs dying was mournful.  Since Beanie-Weanie liked bugs, he regretted what he did.  He was sad for the rest of his life.
    Pretty soon, Beanie-Weanie got rich selling his new S-Rite bug spray.  He even got a job, letting people rent houses from him, a landlord!  He got so rich he bought a lot of houses.  He also made a device that you have to put in your throat and then, Presto!  He could breathe underwater for a long time!   
    Beanie-Weanie had a lot of houses even one under the sea!  It was pretty annoying over there, because octopi kept stealing furniture, money, and presents from Santa from it.  Soon, he was left with a chair, a table, and a few coins.  He got really angry and set out to reclaim his stuff.  He came back empty-handed and got even angrier when he found out that an octopus stole the rest of his stuff.  He then unpacked his ink trail glasses, special glasses he had made before he got to his underwater home.  He put them on and followed an ink trail until he bumped into a ship.  He found an entrance and saw that it was filled with furniture, clothing, money, and the rest of his stuff.  Also, there was an octopus spraying ink at him.  Beanie-Weanie loaded all of his stuff onto the wagon and dragged the stuff back to his underwater house.  He bought a lock and locked the door behind him so that he could go to his regular home on land.  He also took the device out of his throat.
     Then, after Beanie Weanie went back on land, he started thinking.  Mrs. Treasure is a old but nice lady, and he wanted to help her.  Beanie-Weanie thought, and thought, and thought until he found an idea.  He would have Mrs. Treasure for a job!
     Beanie-Weanie has just started to protect houses from bugs.  Mrs. Treasure has given him a job for protecting her house from bugs.  He had brought a lot of bug sprays.  A bug flew through the air.  He sprayed.  Splat!  The bug fell dead.  While Mrs. Treasure was at the market, Beanie-Weanie set off a bug bomb inside the house.  He grabbed fly swatters and swatted at a bunch of bugs.  Soon, there was a bed of dead bugs on the floor.  Beanie-Weanie was scared.  How could he clean up?  He built a brobot and it threw all the dead bugs in the garbage.  The brobot even helped clean up the insides of Mrs. Treasure’s house.  From then on, Beanie-Weanie always had the brobot at his side.
              The End!

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