Figmentopia's Imaginary Zoo

by Parker H., Age 11 , Grade 6, St. Francis of Assisi, Louisville, KY USA
Teacher: Ms. Steinbock

Figmentopia’s Imaginary Zoo


Mr. Unicorn: Welcome to Figmentopia’s Imaginary Zoo, or FIZ for short. I’m Mr. Unicorn, your tour guide, and I think we’re ready to explore!


If you look to your right, you’ll see a unicorn and a pegasus, who just recently had a little one that I like to call: The Alicorn! If you look closely, you’ll see that’s Alicorn has a unicorn’s horn, a pegasus’s wings, and a — Oh! Look at that! He’s playing! Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah. He also has a name tag that says ‘Prince Ali’, like Aladdin’s name.


Walkie-Talkie: Uh, boss?


Mr. Unicorn: Yes, Steve? Wait a minute, Steve!? What did you do this time?


Walkie-Talkie: Um, well, I was going to feed the fire-breathing peacock some live gummy worms,


Mr. Unicorn: Uh-huh…


Walkie-Talkie: I opened the door to the pen,


Mr. Unicorn: Uh-huh…


Walkie-Talkie: And it flew over my head and got out!


Mr. Unicorn: WHAT!? You let him out again!? Okay, Steve. Enjoy this day…Because it is your last day. (Not to Walkie-Talkie, and quietly whisper-screaming to himself) Okay Mr. Unicorn, be cool! (to group) Okay group! More likely than not, you will end up seeing a fire-breathing peacock running wildly on the yellow brick road. If you do, scream ‘FBP!’ as loud as you can.


Now, if we’ll just go inside this door, we’ll see the endangered dragon penguins, and the Swedish Fish swimming around in the lakes. What a thing to to marvel at.


Now, to conclude our tour, —


All: (groans in despair)


Mr. Unicorn: Yes, yes. I know, I know. Very sad. But, we still have one more exhibit to see. It has been a very recently added exhibit, but by far the most popular. Close your eyes, try not to run into anything, and follow the sound of my voice.


Now, open them! The magical creation you see before you is called the homo sapien, or, more commonly known as: The Human!


Random Person From Crowd: I don’t think it’s from here or this dimension. Is it?


Mr. Unicorn: You are right as rain, love! They’re from a dimension called ‘reality’. Weird, right?


Random Teenager (also known as Leni): FBP!!!


Mr. Unicorn: What’s that? You saw the fire-breathing peacock? Where?


Random Teenager: Near the dragon penguins!


Mr. Unicorn: Wait just a second! Why didn’t you say something while we were by the dragon penguins?


Random Teenager: I…Well… It’s just like…


(friend stifles a laugh)


Random Teenager: Shut up, Tambry!


Tambry: Sorry, Leni! It’s just so funny!


Mr. Unicorn: Tambry, is it?


Tambry: Yes, sir.


Mr. Unicorn: If I may ask, what exactly is so funny?


Leni: Don’t answer that, Tambry. Also, where’s Char?


Mr. Unicorn: Who’s Char?


Tambry: Our friend, Charlotte, sir. Also, Leni, I honestly don’t know. Did you actually see the fire-breathing peacock?


Leni: Yeah. Why?


Tambry: It might’ve taken Char! Mr. Unicorn, about how big is the fire-breathing peacock? Would it be big enough to carry a 12 year-old phoenix away?


Mr. Unicorn: I would say so, yes.


Tambry: Then that’s where she is! Could we possibly go and look for her, after the tour’s over?


Mr. Unicorn: (in a whisper) Yes. That should be good.




Mr. Unicorn: Okay, folks! This marks the end of our tour! Everybody drive safe and come back to FIZ soon! Except Leni and Tambry. There’s something serious we need to discuss.


Both Girls: Wait, what!?


Mr. Unicorn: Come on! Let’s go find Charlotte!


Both Girls: Oh, right! Sorry!


The girls and Mr. Unicorn travel back into FIZ, their eyes peeled for any sign of the fire-breathing peacock.


Create your own ending to this story (story 1) on a separate sheet of paper. A lucky winner will be chosen and their ending will be featured in Story 2, which is coming soon!

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