The Boy With No Friends

by Anthony R., Age 12 , Grade 7, Susan B Anthony Middle School, Revere, MASSACHUSETTS USA
Teacher: Mr.Adelman

It was the start of 2nd grade. The leaves of the trees were falling once in awhile  trying to get ready for autumn. I was waiting outside for the first day in 2nd grade. There was a huge line for the 2nd graders waiting to go inside. Everyone was talking to their friends, and I was the only one by himself all alone, and sad. The bell rang, and I went in with all the 2nd graders to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, and so the teachers called their new students to their new classroom. As everyone entered we all put our stuff down to go get our breakfast. I didn’t know where to sit so I just put my bag in an empty seat, and went to get my breakfast. After I came back I noticed I was sitting with Julio. He was a very funny kid and nice, so I sat down and thought of a plan on how to become his friend. I knew what he liked because I had been in his class before.

“ Hey kid.” Julio was actually talking to me. “Why are you sitting here?” I was starting to look sad now that he didn’t  want me to sit here. The teachers started calling kids up one by one to show them their new class that they will be in for the rest of the year. I got called as one of the last students in my class. When the teacher showed us where the classroom was, and made us introduced one by one I didn’t know one person in the class.I got called.

“ Hi, I’m Anthony,” I silently whispered to the class.

“ Anthony you need to speak up.” The teacher ordered me to speak up. I thought why did I have to talk even though she said my name.

“ Hi i’m Anthony, and…” I stopped, and froze their like a tree.

“ Haha he can’t even talk normal.” I saw that it was , but I was still frozen while everyone started laughing like I was a clown which I  felt like one. I sat back down in my seat feeling like I could hit someone, but I kept myself calm.

After the teacher told us about her, and what she likes to do, and etc I got up, and asked the teacher if I could use the bathroom. I really didn’t need to use the bathroom I just wanted some peace and quiet from that class especially after what happened. I got out of the bathroom and went walking back to class.

“ Hello Anthony.” I turned around looking over , and it was my first grade teacher.


“ How is second grade? Do you like it ?”

   I didn’t want to tell her about what just happened, and how no one wants to become my friend. “ It’s good.” I felt ashamed telling my first grade teacher a lie, but I didn’t want her to    get involved, and  have this big conversation with me about how I need to make friends as well as not to be afraid to make friends .

“ Well I’m glad to hear that. Have a good day Anthony.”

I left knowing I lied to my teacher, and that I still don’t know how to fit in my new class.

After school I went home thinking about how i will  try to fit in, and make some friends. I thought of everything until I knew what to do. I had to do what they do.  The next day in school at 12:00 pm we went outside, and they all went to play soccer. I went over there, and I started playing soccer. I was playing for the first time, and I scored 2 goals.

“Hey kid, what are you doing?” It was Julio again. he had this smirk on his face. “Stop playing. you are very bad at it. Get out!”

I left with a tear hanging on my eye like a broken twig hanging a tree. I got into the classroom looking like I was about to cry.


“ Anthony are you ok?” The teacher came up to me looking worried. I told her about what happened what Julio said to me. The teacher went to the other classroom to tell the other teacher what Julio did, and he got his punishment, but I still had no friends. I went home knowing no one will be my friend, and I was crying . I wanted to go up to anyone right now,

but I knew I would be shy, or they would say no. I knew what to do, and that was to not talk to anyone ever again.

For 4 months I didn’t talk to anyone in my school , and I am fine. At lunch I sat at the same table eating my lunch quietly. I was looking around seeing everything in the cafeteria while eating a plain cheese sandwich. I noticed someone coming across from my seat .

“ Hi, i’m Sean what is your name?” I was looking a bit confused that someone is actually talking to me


“ Hi” I was shaking a little.

“ Is this seat taken I saw you lonely so I wanted to sit with you” He wasn’t joking he wants to be my friend.

“ Sure you can sit here” I was so happy now I actually made a friend in 2nd grade. We started talking about all our favorite stuff like Cars,video games,and etc. Sean’s friends Dylan, and Joshua came to sit with us.I had new friends.

A few years later it was the start of 6th grade. All of the friends I made in elementary after what happened in 2nd were in another school. I got to my new school Susan B Anthony . We all went in to our new classes, and I knew absolutely no one. A few days later they gave us a schedule. I went to my first period, and I knew what to do, and that was to make friends. My 2nd grade self made me learn to step out of my comfort zone in addition  to make friends. My mission was accomplished

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