The murder mystery

by Omar L., Age 12 , Grade 7, susan b anthony middle school, revere, MASSACHUSETTS USA
Teacher: Mr. Adelman

 The murder mystery

It was 1993, November 1st. It was a dark foggy night in London a usual night. There was a lady rushing through the empty streets. She looked worried and tired. She never stopped running because of the man that was following her. He wore a black sweater with dark blue jeans, and he had a knife in his hand.

The lady was running to get to the forest hoping to lose the man behind her, but she wasn’t looking where she was going so she tripped on a rock and she fell. She looked behind her and there was the mysterious man staring at her silently.” What do you want from me?” the lady screamed. But the man didn’t say anything, so the man took her hair and pulled her and then out of nowhere he killed the lady.

  * * *

20 years later there was a young 13-year old boy. His name was Parker, and he loved mystery books. One day he went for a walk in the forest with his best friend, Mike. After 10 minutes of walking they heard the police. “What are they doing here?” asked Mike with a worried voice.

Parker looked at him and said, “Calm down, they’re gonna hear us.” As they approached the place that the cops were, They saw news cameras and many cars surrounding the place.

id Mike. As he stood up, Parker pulled him behind some bushes. “Wait, I have an idea,” said Parker, as they got closer they saw a dead lady.

“Wow, she looks like she was there for 10 years,” said Mike

“We should help them solve who was the killer,” Parker said.

“Are you crazy?” responded Mike immediately.

“ I always wanted to have an adventure, and to solve a mystery,” says Parker. Then they went home to do some research at the computer.They looked at the police’s home page,and they found that the lady’s name was Samantha Winterbottom. “you mean she was that rich girl from that rich family?” asked mike.“It looks like it” parker responded,“ no wonder the murderer killed her, he or she wanted to be rich,” When Mike heard that he looked nervous.

“what’s the matter,” asked parker“Nothing” responded Mike quickly

They also found out that the police have some evidence that the killer was a man by the security cameras. “ wow, this amazing we can solve a real live `murder, we should go back tomorrow and get some clues,” says parker. The next day they both went to the forest where the dead lady was, but this time there wasn’t even one police officer there.

When they got there they notice something.It was shiny It looked like it was some kind of metal,underneath the body. As Parker leaned over to pick it up he tripped with a rock.”be careful,” Mike said. As parker got up he looked closely to the metal thing.”wow, it’s a knife,” Parker said.”And the police didn’t notice it,” So Parker picked the knife up and he notice a small word that says “Jones ,” it wasn’t just a word it was a last name. When they got home they searched for the last name of the killer and the first thing that pop up was the man that had a job of cleaning and fixing the Big Ben. So they both knew what was their next step, to go to the Big Ben.

When they got to the big ben they didn’t know how to get in. “Well that’s a bummer, so let's go” said Mike turning around

“ hold on, there must be a way”says Parker

“no there's not Parker” just when Mike finished his sentence there was a worker that got out of the big ben with a small door and he leaves it open

“ you were saying” parker said with a face of I told you.when they went in through the small door each step they took it felt like a minute. Each the only thing they saw was a million of dark grey stairs leading to the top of the Big Ben.the only sound they heard was the “tick” of the Big Ben.There was lot of dust. Their mouth were died because they were tired of going up all those stairs. When they finally got to the top floor they saw a man wearing the same clothes of the security cameras. He was holding a knife too and there was woman tied up in a table “stop” Parker yelled the man turned around revealing his face. It was Mike’s dad.

“What are you guys doing here?” mr. Jones said. He looked shocked and at the same time surprised that he forgot all over the woman that was in the table. He was walking backwards towards the Big Ben’s mechanism. “Mr. Jones stop,” shout Parker, but that made Mr Jones move even faster. He was so close to the mechanism that his shirt got stuck “oh uh,” says Mr Jones. The mechanism was moving fast too. So his shirt pulled him towards the mechanism and he got stuck in the mechanism. When Parker released Mr Jones wasn’t moving he was shocked.

Mike burst into tears. Parker wanted to make shore he wasn’t dead. Each step he took he was scared to take another one everything felt that time stopped and not only because the Big Ben stopped working. Step by step by step Parker was thinking what to do. Step, step, step when parker finally got in front of Mr. Jones parker took his hand to check his pulse.

Nothing. Parker felt like something powerful hit him. He felt so bad for Mike. “let’s call the police,” Parker said with a small voice. Mike still in the floor crying, he nodded. When the police arrived Parker explain that he figure it out, who was the murderer with Mike, and they caught him red handed.

When Parker finished to explain what happened, the police gave him a pat in his back “son, would you and your friend will like to be real detectives.” say the cop. Parker was jumpy when he heard that but then he remembered that his friend was hurt because he dad died “no thanks, maibe later.” parker says. The police was shocked with the news but he understood.

9years later Parker and Mike became detectives. Not just detective, the best detectives London have ever had. “Ready my dear friend Mike,”asked Parker. “ready,” responded Mike. they both got to live a mysterious life.


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