The Hunter

by samuel b., Age 12 , Grade 7, Susan b Anthony middle school, revere, MASSACHUSETTS USA
Teacher: Mr. adelman

Once upon a time, on a sunny november day, jackson the turkey was getting food to feed his children before the winter comes and it is hard to find food.

While rushing to get as much food as possible, Jackson noticed 3 hunters hiding in a bush with their long metal rifles and top hats.

“Oh no. It’s that time of year again,” he said to himself.

He immediately ran, dropping most of the food that he had just so that he could get home before the hunters found him. His heart was beating so fast that he could feel the pulse, he was nervous. But the hunters gave chase and were only about 30 feet away from Jackson.

This wasn’t good for jackson, who was already extremely tired and hungry. Luckily, he found a tree to hide behind without the hunters seeing him.

‘Where’d he go?” One hunter asked in confusion. “I don’t know,” another hunter said.

They looked around most of the trees but don’t see him. While all of the hunters had their backs turned to the tree he was behind,  Jackson made a run for it. One hunter who was especially mad at the turkey for tricking him turned around and saw the turkey bolt away. He grabbed his gun and fired one shot. “BANG,” he had missed the turkey. but the gun had created so much smoke that he couldn’t see where the turkey was.

The turkey had escaped, or at least that’s what the turkey thought. As he was running away, he tripped on a wire that he immediately knew was a trap. A net shot up and captured jackson.

“Oh no, I need to peck my way out,” Jackson says to himself. But before he could even get close to breaking the net, he saw one of the hunters walk up to the net. He was panicking and trying to find any way to break free, but he couldn’t. The hunter went up to the net and just as jackson thinks that there’s nothing left to do, the hunter says “Don’t worry, I’m gonna free you.” Jackson feels a rush of relief throughout his body as the generous hunter frees him of the tangled net.

As the hunter cuts and untangles the rope, he said, “I believe turkeys need to stop being hunted.” There are too many hunters and if this keeps on happening then turkeys will be extinct in no time.”

It was at this moment that jackson knew that this was no hunter, but this was someone trying to stop hunters from killing animals.

The net finally got cut open and jackson gratefully said, “Thank you for freeing me!”

The generous hunter walked away with the rest of the hunters, looking for more turkeys to save.


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