by Annemarie M., Age 11 , Grade 6


Taz- Ok we ready

Jessie- Ya, 1,2,3

Together- Hello we are...

Taz- Taz

Jessie- And Jessie, we are here to teach you...

Taz- How to be a great dog!

Jessie- We’ll what if humans are reading this?

Taz- Humans stink, dogs rule!

Jessie- True but we need views 

Taz- Views? I thought this was a book

Jessie- Then why are we talking

Taz- Who cares let’s just make a script! So it’s on paper so technically a book

Jessie- And it could be used in a DogTube video!

Taz- So, anyways, dogs love ...

Jessie- When you take care of them, duh!

Taz- I was gonna say food but I guess that was my opinion 

Jessie- Ya, because you’re FAT

Taz- Am not!

Jessie- Yes you are. Your chubby

Taz- Ok a little bit

Jessie- Ya, a lot

Taz- Ok back to the ‘script’

Jessie- Ok, humans love when dogs lick

Taz- Oh by the way if you haven’t noticed we are brother and sister and we are dogs.Jessie, no they don’t

Jessie- We’ll babies don’t

Taz- Neither do adults 

Jessie- Well, I lick them anyways! 

Taz- We need to stop arguing

Jessie- I’m NOT arguing you are. 

Taz- I hate you!

Jessie- I thought you hated humans?!

Taz- I just said they stink

Jessie- Same thing!

Taz- Shut up!

Jessie- You already told me to do that

Taz- Even if I did you obviously haven’t, by the way I haven’t said that twice 

Jessie- Wow, I really walked into that

Taz- Ya you really did

Jessie- I didn’t ask you, dummie

Taz- Then your talking to your self

Jessie- No I’m not

Taz- Then you were talking to me

Jessie- SHUT UP 

Taz- I just realized what if kids are reading this, can they read these words

Jessie- They won’t be able to read these words if I start describing you!

Taz- What ever, you gave me an idea...

Jessie- Come on what!?

Taz- We can decribe each other for the dogs reading /watching

Jessie- Just watching. And I will go first

Taz- Ok...

Jessie-Eh em, it is my time not yours. Ok, Taz Jeremiah Puppy-Dog he is a fat, mean, just kidding let me start over. Ok, brown,little but chubby, cute (just because he is a puppy), nice (sometimes), he definitely has an attitude

Taz- ok thats enough about me, now you, oh Jessica Lindsay Puppy-Dog she is brown with one white spot, she is skinny,  bossy...

Jessie- Am not

Taz- I wasn’t talking to you

Jessie- Then your talking to yourself

Taz- I was talking to the audience 

Jessie- Who cares about them?

Taz- I’m sorry readers, Jessie is being BOSSY again

Jessie- Am not

Taz- How many times have we gone through this ‘am not’ thing!?

Jessie- Sorry.

Taz- We’ll thank you

Jessie- I just realized...

Taz- What?!

Jessie- What...what...

Taz- WHAT?!

Jessie- What if the reader/viewer left because of your arguing?!

Taz- My arguing, it is your arguing!

Jessie-  Where did you get that information!!??

Taz- From you, dummy

Jessie- Your the dummy

Taz- Wait... now I see your point about the reader/viewer would leave

Jessie- Should we just end this

Taz- Maybe 

Jessie- Okay, one last fact... dogs like it when you don’t leave them behind

Taz- Ya reader/viewer 

Jessie- Well. Umm. Goodbye I will see you In our next video 

Taz- Or reader

Jessie- Ha

Taz- Ok we ready

Jessie- Ya 1,2,3

Together- Goodbye, we are

Taz- Taz 

Jessie- And Jessie, and we are here to teach you

Taz- To love you sibling

Jessie- And if you are the only child, your lucky

Taz- Hey

Jessie- But I’m lucky to have you

Taz- Phhhh cheesy 

Jessie- Love ya bro

Taz- You too.

Together- Bye!!!

Jessie- If your even still here

Taz- Now we have say goodbye again

Jessie- Ok

Together- Bye...again. Hahaha 

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