by weston c., Age 11 , Grade 6


            When Bill saw his dad kissing his nurse he screamed. Karen, Bill’s mom who had been cleaning down stairs ran up and saw it. Brad her husband was cheating on her. Karen slapped Brad and crying screamed, ”GET OUT.”

            The next day Karen got divorce papers. She wrote her signature and her husbands on it.

            Brad had been kicked out of the house, so he was staying at a hotel. That night Brad had stumbled into a bar. He got very drunk. When he got back into his car, he started driving. His house that he used to live in was right across the street. When he started driving he hit Karen’s car. Brad got out and puked. Brad fell over and got back up. He finally got to the door. It was unlocked. Brad went in and grabbed a knife. He went upstairs and found Karen sleeping. Than he went over to her and sliced her throat open. Brad was saying, “Why’d ya hit me” over and over again. Brad turned around and saw Bill staring at him and Bras told him, “If you tell anyone I’ll kill ya too. Bill fainted.

            Nothing happened those next couple weeks. There was a funeral for Karen. Brad said, “She got hit by a truck.” But one night, Brad was awoken by a blood-curdling scream. He went down stairs. When Brad got downstairs, he saw two eyes staring at him. He flipped the lights on and saw two lamps. Then, he turned around and saw Karen, but she was all bloody from her neck down. She said, “Knife, throat, blood, Bill, knife, throat, blood, Bill. Brad woke up.

            The next day, Brad took Bill to school and went to work. He was a truck driver so he went to go get his shipment and his truck.

            While he was driving from Kentucky to Tennessee, he heard the same scream he had heard when he saw Karen. He looked out the window and saw Karen. He said, “This isn’t real.” He said that Over and over. Then, he looked in the shotgun seat.

 He saw Karen and she said, “Hi Brad.”

 Brad screamed and drove off the road. Karen had disappeared.

 Brad called an uber.

When he got to the house that he had murdered Karen in, he noticed something different. He couldn’t tell what it was. He went upstairs to go to the bathroom. When he started washing his hands, he looked in the mirror and saw Karen. It was just she though. Then in an instant, the room changed. It was all gray and bars locked him in. Then someone said, “Hi Karen, welcome to the insane asylum.” It was meant for her.



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