Used to be Friends

by Sarah K., Age 12 , Grade 7, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Sarah Reinhart

Used to Be Friends

Rhyme Poem


Hello to you used to be friends,

You used to include me but you put that to an end.

Sometimes when I’m around you try your best to be kind,

But when I’m not near, I guess you think that I’m blind.

What I mean by this is you talk behind my back,

Not only about my looks, but the things I seem to lack.

That’s right, I know what you say used to be friends.

I thought we were connected, but I guess we didn’t blend.

Well I have a message for you, as you had one for me,

Your message said that in your squad, you thought I shouldn’t be.

You act like you’re so cool with your music and your clothes,

But we all hear what you say, that you don’t want us to know.

Well my message to you is there is no hiding your shame,

And even if you don’t care at all, our feelings aren’t a game.

You think that I’m oblivious, or that I don’t feel pain,

But when I cry in tears of hurt it comes pouring out like rain.

You are clearly point A and A, and I am point N,

So, I guess I’ll finally say goodbye to my two used to be friends.

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