Don't Ask Questions

by Maia, Age 12 , Grade 7, St. Francis of Assisi

Don't ask questions
Don't ask why
This is the way it is
Don't question what we tell you
Don't be curious or ask why we do it 
This way
Because curiosity is the same as arguing
Just for the sake of being stubborn
In our eyes
Do what we tell you
Don't ask for proof
That this is the best way
We won't give it to you
Don't listen to those who tell you
That there's another way
Ours is the only way
Take what we say on faith

Maybe I don't take things on faith
I am the one who asks and expects
An answer that no one will give
I am the curious one
I am the one who wants proof
Who doesn't believe just because
This is how it's done
I am the one who's not okay
With being forced into being
A midnless robot who takes things
On faith

But I am also the different
The problem
The frowned upon
Pressed by society 
Into the robot
But I won't be that one
The one who put up a fight
And lost
I am the one who wanted to stay

I am the one who
put up a fight
And won

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