My Home

by Zoe A. , Grade 7

My Michigan is a pretty good place to be.  From Kalamazoo, to St.Joseph, Traverse City, Portage, Grand Rapids, Mattawan, Lansing, Detroit, and Three Rivers are all places that you’ll find me.

In the morning while I wait for the bus to fly around the corner I listen to birds chirp and sing sweet songs that are supposed to be wake up calls for people who are late for work.  Most mornings I feel like a sloth, a soggy and slow creature, who just rolled out of bed.  Some mornings I’m as happy as a puppy who recently got a new chew toy. Summer calls me to wake up early and winter tells me to sleep in.  Winter days in Michigan are shorter and summer days are longer.

Everywhere you look you can find a tree.  Trees like sweet maples and mighty oaks that’s leaves change vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds in the fall.  Then there’s pines trees that don’t change at all.  Growing apples, thriving cherries, trees gift us the sweetest things.  I remember climbing all sorts of trees last summer in the warm weather. When I was seven years old my brother and I caught thousands of little tree frogs and tried to keep all of them in a kiddie pool, but of course when we woke up the next morning they were all gone.

Twinkling in the morning, whispering at night, the lakes and rivers flow.  I kayak the nearby rivers and play in the scattered lakes.  I chuck yellow tennis balls in the waters for my dog Charlie to chase.  I toss neon colored water balloons at my brother’s face and he retaliates with a super soaker.  And I fish for seaweed, I haven’t caught any fish, but I still sit out in the waters for hours with the relaxing breeze and the smell of spf 30.  My Grandma takes my brother and I to lots of the Great Lake’s beaches when school is out.  We swam, ate ice cream, and ran across the sands and my hair turns from brown to blonde.  Then we always end our beach day with a good pizza place.

Frigid cold winters are not as bad as you’d think.  Flipping and flying on my skis and sledding down monster hills with my friends.  I laugh while building a snowman for my dogs to knock down and throwing snowballs at one another. Then after we’re done we get to settle down by the fireplace and drink hot coco.  Our frozen cheeks, red and rosey, melt while we play a board game.

In the spring the smell of lilacs and tulips fill the air.  Cut grass and old brown leaves are blown away.  Docks and boats are put in the waters.  Soccer practices, games, and tournaments are scheduled more often in the spring.  I’m a busy bee flying around to each practice and completing each sheet of homework and paper assigned.  I’ve been wishing for summer, for no school!

My Michigan is where I will be, to every beach and snowstorm.  To every small town to big city. There is no place I’d rather live than Michigan and that is where you’ll find me!

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