War of CCs

by Oliver C., Age 11 , Grade 6, Saint Francis of Assisi, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Reinhart


World War of CCs


It was the day, the day where carrots and cookies became enemies. It was 3018, carrots and cookies became 100 feet tall and fought for 6 months. The war started off with plotting, planning,and snacks. The leader of the carrots always told his troops, “it is vital to our mission that our bellies are always happy and healthy.” Although before the war started it was a peaceful and sacred community between the carrot and cookie people. They always had big parties, community activities, and especially that one amazing night out of the year when everyone goes to eat at El Nopal. The day that broke the bond between the carrots and cookies was Billy Buck’s birthday. He was turning 15 and he was going to turn into a carrot man. Billy Buck was opening his last present when he saw that a small baby carrot that had been bitten. Inside of the present there was a card that said “this carrot wasn’t very tasty, actually it was quite sour and too healthy.”, signed Bob the cookie. When Billy Buck said it out loud the carrot people were in shock and furious, everybody started charging at the cookie people. That is how the war began between the cookie and the carrot people.





Since Billy Buck’s birthday was on a Monday the official day of war was on a Tuesday. That Tuesday was special because that Tuesday was Taco Tuesday. It was the one day out of the year when the taco people came out of hiding. But what they didn’t know, was that a war had started a war that wouldn’t end for 6 months. As the war started the taco people were caught between the fight and were not happy, most of their people died and some were injured. It was red and messy for the taco people. Although they managed to flee and get to a safe place, a sacred place. 




The war ground took place at Cabbage Patch, West  Virginia. There were two big facilities on each side, about one and a half mile long field.The carrots and cookie people chose which side they wanted and then set up their bases in the facilities. As the cookies were setting up their base they didn’t realize that the carrot men planed a sneak attack. They carrot men went into the ground and then came up by the cookie mens’ base. Carrots snuck into the building and released a ranch grenade and ducked for cover. Then they ran into the facility and fought, but they didn’t realize that the cookie men had swords that sliced them in half. The men at the carrot base received news that the men they sent were sliced like pizza.






Over a month or so the big daddy battle took place. There was something that nobody knew, there was special bond between a carrot lady and a cookie man. They are the parents of the savior who eventually stopped the hatred between the cookie and carrot people. Before the savior ever came there was the big daddy battle that was brutal, and that caused many foods to suffer and rot. The first food people to attack were the cookies. They attacked by sending in a bomber with chocolate bombs and shooting chocolate chips out of cannons. The carrot men didn’t know how to respond, but there first thought was to get to cover. The carrots took action and fought back by shooting there men out of cannons and celery missiles. Both enemies lost at least 500 men. Then both of the enemies were tired of this petty fighting, and both the cookie general and carrot general sent out all their troops and everything they had. There was explosions, potato planes, seed pellets, bazooka bubblegum, and more. With everything combined it was chaos, millions and millions of foods were bruised and beaten. 




But then they saw something, there was a beautiful light that nobody has ever seen before. It was the savior, he was a carrot and a cookie combination that made the ultimate savior, a Carrot Cookie Cake! He stopped the evil and hatred between the two civilizations and once again brought peace and hope back to the people. The savior had a name, his name was Larry. Larry was a kind, nice, sloppy, messy, caring food person. Everyone worshiped him when he inspired the war to come to an end and light was brought back into the world. Larry ended the war, but there was one problem, the taco people were out to seek revenge. Will Larry and the people of Cabbage Patch defeat the the taco people, find out next week with Larry the savior!

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