Tom's journal: Entry Zero

by Maximilian N., Age 13 , Grade 7, St. Francis of Assisi, louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: mrs. lane

Max Natalie 


Tom's journal: Entry Zero 


'Wake.....up...' Said a dreamy voice in my head. I woke up with a start of a yell. The sound of glass shattering and yelling. The sounds of my dad, he's an acholic. "TOM GET DOWN HERE" my old man shouted. I got up from my bed and put some clothes on and headed down stairs. I walked to the kitchen to find my dad rifling through cupboards. He stared at me “Where are my cigar?” He shouted. My mom came bursting through the door with a bag of groceries. She said as she putting her bags down “Come help me with the groceries.” I ran outside to the car to get the groceries. I saw all sorts of goods cheese, bread, and even chocolate. I picked up as much as I could and walked back in to the house. My mom took eggs out of the bag and made omelets. My dad helped with the bacon while smoking a cigar my mom bought for him. 


I walked upstairs to clean my teeth and brush my hair. I was looking for my hair brush in the bathroom but I couldn’t find it. ‘Probably in my room’ I thought. I went into my room to see my brush next to my calendar and flowers for prom. I looked over my calendar to see that it was tomorrow on a Friday. I was going to prom with my love of my life her name was Alex Springs. I was lucky that she said yes to me. It was Thursday and the teachers wanted every to get ready for prom tomorrow. I snapped back to reality and grabbed my brush. I brushed my hair until it stayed. My mom was calling me down to breakfast, I rushed down stairs and down to kitchen. 

After breakfast, I went outside on my bike around my neighborhood. I biked down to my friend’s house her name was Carly. I parked my bike in the front and walked onto her front lawn. I knocked on Carly’s door a few times. She opened the door and said “Tom what time is it?” I said “It's almost one in the afternoon.” Carly walked inside and gestured me to follow. We past her sister in a match of UnderTime. I asked “So what are you doing for prom?” She replied “I’m thinking of renting some movies and playing some video games? Why?” I looked at her in 

shock, I quickly replied “Carly this the most important thing of are teenage years!" "I don't even care about some stupid dance!" She argued. "I don’t want to go but you can join me tomorrow night if things don't go well with your important dance!" I said "I'll think about it." Just then Carly's sister came in the room "Hey Tom you wanna play a round of UnderTime?" She asked. I replied "Yes." 

After a few rounds of UnderTime, I noticed it was getting dark so I left. I texted mom that I was coming home. Just as I was about to get on my bike I noticed a piece of paper on my bike. I thought 'Did someone leave a note on my bike?' I looked at the picture it a picture of black dog with pink eyes and a pink diamond on its forehead. It stared into my soul as if it was real, then the hair on the back of my neck stood up as if someone was behind me. I turned around to see nobody, my heart was pounding my adrenaline was running 'Tom it's just a picture it can't hurt yo-' I stopped to look at the picture, but the Black dog was gone. I decided to get on my bike at started pedaling home. I got home and my mom was freaking out I said I was fine, she still scolded me. After I finished dinner, I brushed my teeth and got my bed clothes on. I laid on my bed, my memorizing the picture of the dog. I fell asleep thinking of the dog. 

I woke up with a start, I saw the black dog with the pink eyes and a diamond on its forehead it was looking up at something. I decided to sit next to it to see what is was looking at. I was looking at a gold diamond, the diamond lustered with gold and silver. It was like I was in a trance ' touch couldn't hurt?' I thought to myself. I was going to just touch it, but instead I grabbed it. Like singular movement, as soon as I grabbed it I began to sink into the floor I tried to scream, but there was no noise, it felt like a thousand knifes were stabbing me. I was sinking so quickly that it felt like hours. I fell and a burst of light then redness it blinded me. I saw to see the black dog saying "Come with us, we show you the truth!” 

I woke up from my nightmare, sweat was pouring from my face. I got up to get a drink of water, after my drink I went up to my bed. I lied in my bed trying to fall asleep, but there was a tapping on my window I looked to see what it. It was the black dog. I jumped back from the window, panic filled my body. I went to go look again, but there was nothing. Suddenly I felt sick, like my body was shutting down 

I walked to my bed in nausea and collapsed on to the bed. I saw the black dog now yelling "We will tell you the truth!" 

I was now fully awake from that horrible night. I sat on my bed thinking, 'What is that thing? What is so important with the golden diamond? Who is 'we'?' My mind was filled with question. I decided to get up and get a move on today was prom. I went downstairs to find my mom watching the news as for my dad he was passed out on his recliner. Mom said "The reason I was so worried last night is because the has been numerous kidnapping of kids and teenagers. I was scared that they might of gotten you!" "Don't worry mom I'll be fine" I said trying to calm her down. I really wish that I was true. 


It was 7:00 pm and prom had already started I spent hours combing my hair and getting my suit ready. I had forgot all about the dog and the diamonds. My mind was focused on tonight. The prom. I left my house at 7:15 pm. When I got to my school all the parking lots were full but not the bike rack. The prom was hosted in the gym. When I got into the gym I saw her, Alex springs. I walked up to her and when she saw me she laughed. I laughed to nervously. "What's so funny?" I asked here kindly. "Wait you don’t know? That even makes it even funnier!" She snorted. Right now I was confused. "What do you mean?" I demanded. My ears were flashing red. Alex's friend, Britney said "OMG we dared Alex to ask you out for prom and I can't believe you bought it!" My face lit up with anger when the last few words hit me like a truck. 'I can't believe you bought it' those words made me want to go insane. Instead I ran outside cold tears falling on my hot face. 

Then I saw it. I saw the dog with pink eyes and a red diamond on its forehead. I just sat next to it and said "So you’re an outcast too?" It was looking at something in the sky. I saw it too. It was a ship in the sky looming above me. Instead of sinking into the floor like my dream, I started to float up to it. I tried to fight it, but it was too strong. Then a bright light shined in my eyes I clutched my prom flowers in my hand and passed out. 




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