Dear Santa...

by Mattie D., Age 11 , Grade 6, St.Francis of Assisi, Louisville , KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Mrs. Reinhart

       Dear Santa,
           This is your friend Pusheen the Cat. I have been very good this year as I have only eaten two cakes per day, last year I ate three. For Christmas I would like:
1) 2 boxes of donuts 
2)3 dozen chocolate chip cookies 
3)6 gallons of peppermint ice cream
4)5 dozen crumpets 
5) 100 candy canes 
6) 50 bags of Hershey kisses 
7) 3 peppermint pies
8) 10 fudge cakes 
9) 5 pound-cakes 
10) one flake of snow from the North Pole 
11)one fluffy reindeer. Don’t get me anything extra ‘cause I’m on a diet. Thanks so much Santa! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

                                                                                      Pusheen The Cat

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