The Race Around Random Places

by Zarina E., Age 9 , Grade 10, Hawthorne, CALIFORNIA USA

A Race Around Random Places
By Zarina Eull
      Alfi got the Bugatti Chiron.  Finally, Ripper got a the Corvette Z06.  I raced into London Blvd.  Ripper and Alfi took different streets.  I rode into the gas station and filled up my tank.  Then, I put on my headphones and asked Sophia,
“Where are you heading?”
She answered,
“To the bridge.”
Ripper said,
“To the jungle.”
      I decided to go to the jungle, too.  I drove 100 mph toward the jungle.  A tiger ran at me,  it it only scratched the car.  No damage done, I thought.  I raced away from the tiger.  I then saw a car driving toward me in the jungle.  It was a Corvette Z06.  I raced away at 119 mph, my brown hair swaying in the air conditioning.  My McLaren scraped against some thorns and bushes.  Soon, I drove into a clearing.  From a distance, I could see a red bridge.  I then raced onto the bridge.  Then, I exited. 
 I stopped at McDonalds to have my dinner.  You see, I didn’t have lunch.  Then I thought about Lash and his gang.  When I fell asleep, I had a nightmare . . .Lash was surrounding my car, growling,
    “Give me your McLaren!”  Wow,I thought. You already have a car.  But somehow, I knew that what I dreamed would come true.  Just as I predicted, a Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic CS drove toward me trying to crash into me but was unsuccessful.  He missed, so he crashed into a wall.  He yelled, so I knew that his car was broken. I drove away really fast, I knew that his car was broken. I drove away really fast.  Then Lash climbed out of the wall and you some type of forced to fix the wall. He then climbed into his car and started driving towards me. I drove really fast, but he had pulled out his pistol.  He was going to shoot my car. I quickly stopped and traded my McLarin for a Cadillac because I knew he was going to shoot me. I quickly stopped and traded my McLaren for a Cadillac.  
      Lash shot at me but my Cadillac had bulletproof windows so his bullet did not hurt me. Soon his gang caught up with me and their names were Docky, Fete, Razor, Latte, and Cuckoo.  Docky pulled out his pistol and shot at me but my Cadillacs bulletproof windows protected me.  Lash whispered to Docky, 
“Don’t you realize that his Cadillac has bulletproof windows?”
     But before Lash could explain that to his other friends, Latte tried to shoot at me but his gun was broken.  I gunned the motor and and spoke on my headphones,
“I am heading to Spain!”
Sophia replied,
“Me too.”
“Me too!” I heard Ripper say.
I went 214 mph toward Spain, bullets showering over me.  Luckily, I didn't get hurt.  My luggage was filled with bullets, though.  In about ten minutes, I arrived at Spain.  I stopped at 7-11 to get gas and then decided to check out what was in the store.
      I walked into the store and then heard two familiar voices and it was . . . Sophia and Ripper!  I greeted them happily and we literally had a party at 7-11.  We then got into our cars and race to London. This time I raced so fast that my car was a blur.  I guess Alfina forgot a navigator, so she got the hard way of getting back to the start - duel with Lash and his gang.  I took out my navigator and started turning corners. Then I traded my Cadillac for a Porsche 918 Spyder to hide my identity. I heard on my 
“Did  you bring a navigator?”
“Yes,” said Ripper
“Yes” I said.
       We then guided Alfi to the finish line in London.  Soon, Ripper and I were side by side on the road.  We tried to pass each other, but we were tied.  We both got to the finish line at the same time. Alfi arrived half an hour later.  She wanted to have another race, but we didn't want to.               Reluctantly, we agreed.  I chose the Bugatti Veryon.  Ripper got the Bugatti Chiron.  Alfi wanted the Ferrari 488.  Now, we started from California to New Mexico.  I raced toward Arizona when green lights flashed.  I was in the lead!  Soon, I was getting used to the hotness.  I raced toward Wendy’s and got a Frosty, and a Double Stack Cheeseburger plain and no cheese. 
        I was refreshed but worried if Alfi and Ripper already passed me.  I jumped into my Bugatti Veryon and I drove my car at 268 mph.  I raced past the California border and entered Arizona.  Now it's really hot, I thought.  I stopped at a rest stop and went to the restroom and was stunned by the sight of the rest stop when I came out.  Cotton was on the ground and I drove my car fast, but cotton still spilled around my Bugatti.  I checked my whole car but I couldn’t find out where the cotton was coming from.  Then, I put on my headphones and asked Ripper,
“Do you have cotton all over your car?”
“Yes, you should check the top of your car.”  He answered.
      I checked the top of my car and found a cotton dispenser.  I didn’t pull it out because I knew that Ripper would be disappointed.  I drove really fast but it was really hot in Arizona and I was really thirsty.  I got a water bottle and drained it dry.  I tasted good.  That night, I crossed to Texas.  Then, I went to a hotel and slept peacefully.  I woke up all flexed and feeling pretty good.  I felt so good that I traded my Bugatti Veryon I was driving for a Koensegegg Type R.  I was proud of myself but I suddenly remembered that I needed to win a race.  
       It was a really cold and windy day.  It was also a good day because everyone was gawking at my lovely Koensegegg Agera R.  But that didn’t happen for long.  I raced away and nearly crashed into a Toyota Yaris. Luckily, I swerved and ran a red light. That was a good move because I won the race! I ran the light into New Mexico! Yeah! Woo-hoo!

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